Monday, 30 August 2010

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Good morning

One thing that I am not enjoying about this pregnancy is insomnia.. It doesn't happen every night.. But enough to be really annoying.

Tonight/this morning was the worst so far. John stayed up late watching footy (comiserating the end of the season for Richmond) and came to bed at 1:40am... Of course I woke up as he drifted off into a deep deep sleep. I tried for 3.5 hours to get back to sleep and then got to the point that if I slept, I wouldn't be able to get up in the morning.. So I got up at 5. This would be ok if I'd had more than three hours sleep..

Little M has kinder at 12:30 so I'm hoping to have a nap then.

I am gonna need to work out some kind of solution to this insomnia thing. Maybe caffeine needs to be cut out after lunch (noooo!)..


Saturday, 28 August 2010

14 weeks pregnant

I haven't been around for a while as I have no working computer at home and I find it too hard trying to post and read on my iphone.. just too tiny!

Anyway. I think I am around 14 weeks pregnant and am feeling fantastic. General tiredness most of the time but the "hung over" feeling has lifted and I am starting to really enjoy being pregnant. I have no bump yet to speak of, just a thicker waist and a bit more padding around my bum & thighs. I think I actually showed earlier with my daughter.. I guess every pregnancy is different and the differences are part of what makes the whole thing a special new experience!

I had a bit of a stress out a couple of weeks ago when I had two "bleeds". Both were brown and both happened while I was sleeping. It was very strange and it worried me enough that I decided to have an ultrasound to see that everything was ok.. It was fine, and the sonographer could not find any sign of where the bleeding came from. I am guessing it was old trapped blood that for whatever reason, escaped on those two occasions. I have no reason to have any more ultrasounds but I felt that I made the right decision to do so in this instance. My midwife doesn't encourage any ultrasounds except if there is a concern for the wellbeing of the baby so she supported me in my decision.

I am loving the difference in having this midwife work for me this time. Last time, I had my prenatal care and "birth" in a hospital and every visit I was poked and prodded. This time, my midwife took my blood pressure and said there was really no need for her to feel my belly yet as it may not have popped over my pubic bone yet. We chatted for an hour about how I was feeling and she spent time getting to know my husband. Cups of tea and a nice chat was what the whole thing really amounted to. This suits me just fine.

My midwife also asked me what I plan to do if I go past my due date like I did with Molly. I said I would be happy to have monitoring to see that the baby is fine but I would like to just wait to go into labour spontaneously. Last time I was induced at 3cm dilated! So Molly would have been coming earthside in just days. I asked for her suggestions for natural methods to encourage labour to start and she suggested the "baby dance"- where you stimulate your nipples while you "dance" and swirl your hips around. She also said all the usual things like long walks, lots of sex, deep squatting (after 38 weeks), being generally active. But when it comes down to it, baby will come when baby is ready to come. She is comfortable to monitor the baby and not do anything unless there is an indication that the baby is not happy. I am quite relieved to hear this as I was concerned that there would be pressure even though I have hired my own midwife.

I weighed myself this morning after freaking out that I may have already gained 10kg (that's how I feel for the record!) and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I have gained only 3kgs in 14 weeks of pregnancy. Do you know how good this feels??!! In the past I have been known to gain 5kg in a week! This just further proves that one CAN actually change and maintaining weight loss is hard but not impossible. I am guessing my feeling of heaviness is probably fluid retention. That's easy to fix- lots of veggies and water and go easy on the wheat. It works for me.

Please leave a comment if you come and paruse my blog. I haven't been a regular poster recently but I am feeling a little alone in blog world these days! So say hi! :)

This weeks goals.
- Get some exercise every day
- Unprocessed foods
- Pack my "doula bag" for my sister in law's birth
- Do my tax!! Do it dammit!
- Meditation CD
- Set up a Smart Piggy savings account to save for midwife costs
- Get a haircut

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Week 11

So! 11 weeks pregnant and all is going well.

I am going to be focussing on keeping fit and healthy physically as well as mentally/spiritually on this blog as well as other things that come up that are worth mentioning.

My goals for this week-
1. Exercise 5-7 days out of this week
2. Focus on eating wholefoods and avoiding processed crap
3. Listen to my meditation audio each night
4. Clean my bedroom space- it needs to be my sanctuary right now and it certainly doesn't feel that way

Gotta go, hubby is in the driveway waiting for me to finish work.. back soon!

Tassie wordless photo post

Sunday, 1 August 2010

10 weeks Pregnant

Time flies when you're having fun! I'm 10 weeks pregnant today and feeling pretty good really!

We have just returned from a gorgeous trip to Tasmania with hubby and Little Miss 3. I will pop back soon with a few photos and a more in depth update of how my pregnancy is going.

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