Saturday, 25 February 2012

The post where I talk about contraception..

Here's some adorable kitties for you to look at while I explain that this post  is about contraception.
Disclaimer: I talk about things that may make you go "eeeew".. I also ask that if you disagree with my choice, please don't try to freak me out in the comments. I know all the risks and am making an informed choice. Thank you for your consideration.. lol

I went to the doctor yesterday for one of those "woman thingys" that we need to do every couple of years but never enjoy.. you know.. one of those. Anyway, I also wanted to talk about contraception options as we have been using barrier contraceptives since the wee man was born and it was becoming annoying. It's hard enough to get in the mood without... anyway, I digress.

In the past I have used oral contraceptives. Lots of different types. All of which made me feel quite depressed. Even the magic "YAZ" pill that everyone raves about made me feel really off. So I made a decision that oral contraceptives are not for me. Before Richie was born I had not used any hormonal contraceptives for a year.

A few of my friends have had "Implanon" inserted under their skin. Some find it good, others had it removed after experiencing bad side effects. This method freaks me out for some reason and after having bad reactions to the pill I am certain that this method would be all kinds of wrong for me.

The rhythm method is all good in theory but not quite effective enough for me to trust it.

So have decided to get an IUD inserted- more specifically, the Mirena. I go in next Friday to have it put in. I know there are risks associated with IUDs (going through the wall of the uterus being one of the most freaky ones- it's unlikely, but does occasionally happen) however I feel it is the right decision for my body and current situation. The good thing about them is that they can be easily removed if I want it out and there is no waiting for fertility to return if we want to try for another baby (not likely). I will have up to 5 years of contraceptive protection for $5 (concession price). The hormonal response works locally so will not cause many of the side effects that the pill causes. A few friends who have them have reported that they had a few months of weird periods, spotting and "adjusting" but after that, feel nothing and have light periods and no crazy hormonal fluctuations through their cycle.

What contraception do you use (if any)? Any advice? Please remember my disclaimer above... lol

Mirena IUD

Monday, 20 February 2012

Day one of the rest of my life... That could the title of every post!

After just two full days of good food, lots of water and one workout I am already feeling more balanced and hopeful about my health, fitness and mental health.

I just got home from an energising workout and I am planning a pretty early night so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Out of interest I weighed myself this morning after a super clean day yesterday and had gone from 90.7kg to 89.5kg. So that's encouraging!

Please indulge me while I share my food diary (this is more for me than anything.. Public food diaries really keep me honest. Skip it if it bores you)

B. fresh juice- celery, cucumber, beetroot, apple, ginger, carrot

S. skim latte

L. Small Sumo Salad- 1/2 miso chicken, 1/2 leafy beetroot & pumpkin

S. 1 slice bread w/strawberry jam

D. Grilled Moroccan chicken with 2 baby potatoes, broccoli & grilled zucchini. 10 grapes.

Exercise- weights & elliptical- 1 hour

Pics: Me in a pretty dress yesterday & my sweaty post-workout face!

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Weighty issues..

I almost can't believe I still need to blog about this stuff. I mean, I have been at my ideal weight (prior to pregnancy) and maintained it for over a year. Yet here I am once again not really knowing how to do what I need to do to feel awesome and healthy... When I say I don't know how to do it, I guess know it's not really true. I know what I need to to. Actually doing it is another matter. 

Right now I feel fat, a little frumpy, intermittently sad/down in the dumps and very very unfit. I am also acutely aware that most of these things are my own fault. I have not prioritised my health and as a result I have ended up staring up from the bottom of the hole I have dug myself into... I know I can change this because I have done it before. I know all my own excuses because I have heard them come out of my friends mouths at times when they were not in control of their lives. I have challenged them on these excuses and pretty much told them to make a plan to succeed and just do what it takes to get there. Yup.. I've said those things... And now I am saying them to myself.

"If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results"- Jack Dixon

So right now I am going to remind myself of the things that have worked for me in the past in an attempt to figure out a way to replicate those things and begin to feel better. I want to be more in control of my life. 

Things I know:
1. I love weight training. It makes me feel like a freaking fitness queen and gets me great curvaceous results.

2. I need regular high intensity training. I hate running but when I do it I also get great results. Other classes like RPM are fun and give me the variety I need to keep interested.

3. My body does not handle lots of carbs. I have polycystic ovaries and some PCOS symptoms and eating a carb-loaded diet makes me crazy. My moods are affected and I just want to continue to binge on sugar and refined starchy foods. 

4. Planning my meals ahead of time helps me to feel in control and stops me from making poor decisions in the heat of hunger. 

5. I feel good when each meal contains a good balance of protein, low gi carbs and lots of fresh salad and veggies. I also know that nuts and flax seeds fill me up and keep me from wanting foods that make me crazy.

6. Fresh juices are the bomb and make me feel like I am drinking liquid sunshine/rainbows/vitamins... whatever.. I just know that I feel amazing when I drink green veggie juices daily. 

7. I like to be surrounded by other people who face the same kind of struggles BUT who are achieving great results. I draw strength from other's success and I feel great sharing my own experiences from others.

8. I need to schedule in intentional exercise and make it non-negotiable. Otherwise it will not happen.

9. I need to get my hormones checked because I feel greatly influenced by them and it doesn't feel quite right.

I am going to leave it at nine points just to annoy all of you OCD type people. 

Now I need to make a more detailed plan... back soon.


Saturday, 18 February 2012

Oh my gawwwsh! When did the Blogger app happen?!

Yay! Mobile blogging! Huzzah!

Granny Square Slippers!

You want them right? 

I would if I were you.

They belong to my dear friend Philippa aka Skinny Latte and I made them for her in two evenings!

The pattern came from Purl Bee and is extremely easy to follow.

If you are not a crocheter I would be happy to make you some. Message me or email me at if you would like to purchase a pair.

tap tap tap... is this thing on?

After a crazy few months I finally feel like I am back to a place where I might be able to resume blogging with some kind of regularity. Our family has undergone a pretty big change since just before Christmas. We are now the carers for a little girl who could no longer live with her family. So our recently expanded family of four is now a family of five!

The changes have happened very quickly but quite smoothly and she is becoming more and more settled every day.

Molly has started school this year which is a wonderful excuse for us to lavish attention on her. We were very aware that she may have mixed feelings about welcoming a new family member however, starting school has given her a great focus and we have fussed over her in a big way. Mol is absolutely loving school! She is going to an IB school that has a Vietnamese bilingual program (6 hours a week!) and she is coming home every day able to speak more and more Vietnamese words. She has only been there two weeks but already knows how to count to five, sing a song about butterflies, can say sit down, listen, quiet please, walk, teacher, hello, goodbye and more! I am learning from her in this process which I love!

Richie is nearly one! Where has that time gone?! I feel like I was pregnant yesterday! I think I will do a separate post on Richie. I'd like to record a little about his first year and have it separate.

That'll do me for now. I plan to be back soon to chat about a few things I have on my mind...


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