Thursday, 21 November 2013

Thanks for playing along with the auction guys.

I'll be making contact with the highest bidders and delivering prizes this week. Unsold items will be donated to Green Collect for sale in the shop.

That's it for Go Mumma. The time has come for this era to come to a close.

If you would like to follow along on my next adventure please come and see me at

Love to you!


Location:Thanks for playing folks and goodbye Go Mumma

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Upcycling Challenge : Auction for Green Collect : Closing 8/11

Hey guys!!

I was becoming a little disheartened due to there being no bids on any of the items when I just saw that there were lots of comments awaiting moderation & for some reason Blogger had not notified me!!

Anyway, to those of you that have already, thanks for bidding!

The auction will close on Friday November 8th at 8PM so please get your bids in if you haven't already!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Auction: Upcycled blanket neck warmer!

Our next very cute item has been donated by Mezz Coleman, a crafty lady from Footscray, Australia who spends her time making sweet sweet music, hanging with asylum seekers and sewing up a storm. She also blogs at

This little neck warmer is made from an upcycled blanket, a vintage sheet and a sweet wee vintage button. 

Mezz is an avid urban cyclist and knows that a long scarf can be annoying and dangerous on the bike! So she has come up with this dear little neck piece!

Bidding starts at $10. Please place you bid below in the comments! 

All proceeds will be donated to Green Collect, an innovative, Melbourne based social enterprise.

Auction: Upcycled t-shirt neck piece!

Kirri Mae Sampson is a very talented textile designer based in Melbourne, Australia. 

She specialises in unique macrame and resin jewellery and sells at Melbourne craft markets and on Etsy.

have been fortunate enough to receive this delightful neck piece as a donation. This piece is made from a de-constructed t-shirt.

Bidding is starting at $15. Get in quick in the comments with your bid!

Remember, all contributors go into the running to win a great prize & all  proceeds will be donated to Green Collect, an innovative, Melbourne based social enterprise.

Auction!! Item number 1!

Hey kids!

First up we have a fantastic bag made from a reclaimed blanket and a floral bed sheet. The clever clogs that made this item was Marie Reade. Thanks Marie and well done!

What a great way to make use of items that often sit in the linen press while moths nibble at them! 

Please comment below to bid! 

Bidding is starting at $15! What a bargain!

Remember! All your generous donations are going to Green Collect, an innovative, Melbourne-Based social enterprise. 

All makers go in the running to win a great prize!

Announcing :: The Upcycled Challenge for Charity Auction!

Hi there!
After a short post-Vietnam, sick-well-busy-sick hiatus I am pleased to announce that the auction for the upcycled challenge for charity auction is upon us!

Over the next few days I will be posting the wonderful hand-made and upcycled items that have been contributed to support Green Collect, a Melbourne based, innovative, social enterprise working to create inclusive workplaces for people that have experienced homelessness and disadvantage.

If you would like to bid for one of the items listed please leave a comment below the post. If you have any dramas posting, send an email to gomumma [at] gmail [dot] com.

If you love all things hand made and want to support a GREAT cause please bid away! All proceeds will be donated to Green Collect. I can accept paypal payments, bank deposits and cash payments if you know me personally.
Please please please share the posts with your friends. I will be posting on Facebook also however bids will need to come via the blog.

Thanks guys! Stay tuned!!


(Ps.. If you are still working on an item you have until the end of the week to get it to me (or at least a photo & description!))

(Pps.. I know it is no longer winter but please humour me.. xoxoxo)

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Welcome Visit to Phuoc Tien Primary School - Nha Trang

School begins at 7am here in Vietnam so it was a bright & early start for us yesterday morning!

The school is only a few blocks away so we are able to walk. We arrived a little late and assembly had already started. As we walked in, the 1000+ children let out a huge cheer and applauded us until we took our seats at the front. It's certainly the closest I have felt to some kind of celebrity status.

We were part of a very formal assembly with a drum group, flag raising a gift presentation. One boy from Footscray gave a great speech in Vietnamese and all the children were very impressed.

The teachers let us sit in their classrooms for a little while as they completed the morning lesson and our kids got involved in a reading task. It was fantastic! Today the students are in class all day and our teachers are taking lessons too. No doubt our kids will get mobbed in the playground and they will be signing autographs all day.

I am in the hotel with a sick student which is actually fine because I'm enjoying spending some time in the air con. It's 31 degrees and about 1000% humidity, which is apparently cold for the locals!

Vinpearl Waterpark- Nha Trang

It's been a few days between posts so its time for an update!

We flew in to Cam Ranh Airport in Nha Trang on Monday morning and travelled by bus to our hotel "The Nha Trang Lodge" which is right on the beach.

It's really lovely here. There's a bit of a Gold Coast vibe but much more down to earth and with more spectacular views! Actually, it's more like if Lorne were a small city with high rise apartments. It's a popular tourist destination and we have noticed lots of very brown Russians in teeny tiny bathers, but it's the off season so it's mainly locals around now.

After putting our stuff in the hotel we nicked across the road to pho 24 for a quick lunch before heading to Vinpearl Water Park. It's on an island so we caught a cable car over the water. It takes 12 minutes and the views are breathtaking!

We enjoyed lots of scary water slides, the lazy river, wave pool and the ocean beach and the kids ran themselves ragged before taking a tour around the aquarium.

We shared a special birthday dinner for one of the teachers, Josh, on the island too. Something scary happened during dinner, I pulled out the bushman insect repellent as the tiny winged Air Force was coming in for the kill. We passed it around the table and all applied it and suddenly the teacher next to me started coughing and saying she couldn't feel her lips. She had an allergic reaction and thought her throat would close up. Fortunately she had some antihistamines and it settled down quickly but it certainly gave us all a fright! I've decided to stick to the Aeroguard from now on!

Once it was dark the cable car pillars lit up like the Eiffel Tower. It was a great day and the kids were asleep before their heads hit the pillow.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

A day in Hoi An

As I said in my last post, Hoi An is a touristy place. I would liken "old Hoi An" to Sovereign Hill as there is a lot of history there but it's been overtaken with gift shops & Aussies.

One awesome thing about Hoi An though is that it is the home of many tailors and you can have clothing made cheap and very quickly!

Many of us had clothes and shoes made. It was very exciting waiting and receiving our packages at the end of the day. I got two pairs of pants and a skirt, a dress for Molly and April got a pair of pants, a top and a special dress for her graduation- see the last pic!

The kids got to make lanterns before we headed out on a boat to the cooking school! We made several dishes including fresh rice paper! I found this fascinating and I will definitely make it again! Other dishes included an eggplant clay pot, Vietnamese pancakes and a green mango salad. It was very delicious and a great thing to do!

Some photos from our day on the farm in Hoi An

Here are a few pics from yesterday! After a quick flight from Hanoi to Da Nang we arrived at The Hoi An Historic Hotel. It's very touristy here with lots of leathery brown Aussie older people.

After getting settled we cycled through the Hoi An streets to a local farm (quite a full on experience, especially as some of the kids had said they were competent riders but we quickly discovered they were NOT!) April did well, no one died.. Phew!

We arrived at a small herb and salad farm and the kids spent time learning farming techniques before being taught how to make Vietnamese pancakes.

We were all full but returned to a big dinner as compensation from the travel company for the pool not being operational. We struggled through the meal and the kids were SO tired that a few just started bursting into tears! The teachers removed gaming and Internet devices from their rooms as many kids have been staying up very late playing.

We are spending just two nights at this hotel before travelling to Nha Trang early tomorrow morning. I'll do a separate post about today's activities as I don't want to have any trouble posting due to too many pics.
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