Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lets go to the movies!!

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this random tweet on Monday;

As you can see, I did indeed "RT" the said tweet and scored myself tickets!!

So I hastily called Mum and she was kind enough to come and babysit for us so John and I could go out on a date! The second date we have been on since we started fostering miss 11 in November last year! Long overdue!

Once we escaped the wee ones we headed north of the city to The Regal Ballroom in High Street Northcote. This glorious building was once The Northcote Theatre and to celebrate the 100 year anniversary they are reviving the old theatre for one month and showing some wonderful films and hosting awesome bands. Click the link above for the full program.

I absolutely loved The Artist. It helped that we were in an elegant Ballroom theatre and I was on a romantic date with the huzbo but it was a wonderful film. 

If you get a chance to get over to Northcote, they are playing The Shining tonight (Wed) and Moulin Rouge on Thursday! I would love to see Moulin Rouge there- the surroundings are just so perfect.

I am stoked that I scored the tickets- we totally needed the break away from our frantic life!

Thank you Mr. Aron Tzimas (@arontzimas) whoever you are! And thanks a bunch to The Northcote Theatre for a fab night out!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

2800 Page views yesterday!!

I just checked my analytics and realised that I had a MASSIVE spike in readers yesterday!

Almost 2800 page views of Richie's birth story! Just yesterday!

Most of the traffic came from Facebook but the links aren't leading me anywhere so I am asking you... If you are reading this and you found my blog via a facebook shared link, please let me know! I am SO curious!!

I can guess that it is a U.S. page and most likely a BIG one as the traffic was INSANE!

Out of those 2800 page views I got 3 comments! Only 3!! 

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