Wednesday, 8 August 2012

2 days in... 1200 calories

Howdy all,

It's now day three of my 1200 calorie plan. I am using the My Fitness Pal iPhone app to track my food and I am actually struggling quite a lot. It's amazing what tracking can do for your awareness of what you put in your mouth.

Day one was fine- I stuck within the 1200 calories. Yesterday was not so great. I really got hungry in  the afternoon and I found myself nibbling at this and that throughout the day. When I logged it all in I was up to 1500 calories! Which in itself is not a disaster because at the weight I currently am, I should still have a loss- a smaller one, but a loss just the same.

Today I have had breakky and lunch and only have about 300 calories left. We have a communal meal tonight so I am not sure what will be served. I figure if I just have a little bit I should be ok. If it's a crazily calorie-laden meal (which I highly doubt) I'll wait until I get home and have some veggie soup.

I think I might need to make a bit of a plan for myself so I am not running out of calories so easily! I might dig out some of my 12wbt meal plans from last year as the food was amazingly good and I really wasn't feeling hungry at all.

All up though, I feel like my head is in the game but I don't feel a huge sense of pressure. I think that's because I am just doing this for me so the pressure is kind of off.

Hope you're having a nice day!


And here's a reward for reading this... you get to see my cute boy and his Iggle Piggle.

Monday, 6 August 2012

1200 calories

My eating has become quite out of control again...

So for at least the rest of the month I am going to cut the crap (food) and aim for 1200 calories per day.

I'm not going to weigh myself until August 31st so I don't get too obsessive about the numbers. I am about a size 18 right now- not measuring. I don't care how many centimetres I am. I do, however want to get back into my size 12-14 clothes in the long term.

The plan is to just eat regular food but stick to the calories. Keeping it super simple. I am also aiming to walk for an hour on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday & also do some boxing with my mate Yelka on Sunday mornings before or after the walk.

I'd love some encouragement so feel free to pop a comment down below or email me.

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