Friday, 29 June 2012

Growing growing growing...

It never stops. I'm glad it doesn't but it does freak me out regularly!

Molly is half way through her 5th year and she can pretty much write. If I receive a letter from her I can always make out what she's trying to say. It's blowing my mind right now.

What milestones were/are the most striking to you with your kids? What freaks you out? What shocks you?

Hit me up in the comments!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What rituals give you life??

I love a good ritual!

Now that I work on weekdays (like normal people), I get to enjoy the "pre-work cafe stop" ritual! 

I have been leaving home stupidly early just so I can squeeze the most time out of my morning "me" time. This morning it was still dark when I left. I don't know what it is about the morning cafe stop... It's just so revitalising before the day starts. I sit here (yes.. I'm here now) with my MacBook and a long macchiato and it's like I could be on holiday or something! 

What rituals give you life?? What rejuvenates you??

Friday, 22 June 2012

The new Job...

Hey all,

It's been a while! Just thought I'd pop in and tell you how much I LOVE my new job! It's only two days a week, so not really enough to pay the bills... but it's totally great- right up my alley!

I am working for an organisation which started as a response to homelessness in Melbourne. It's a place where wealthy people, homeless people, drug addicts, students, other workers in the area, can all sit down together at the same table and have a meal. Just eat and talk and get to know each other.. like a family. It's not a soup kitchen.. It's more like a family dinner.

It's a place where each person has an understanding that we are all inherently the same and it is only our context that makes us different.

My job is to talk to groups of school students about issues of home, homelessness, belonging and our sameness. I basically walk around the city and talk to kids about the different spaces and who belongs there. How awesome is that? I get to help kids gain an understanding of empathy and about how we can endeavour to create a sense of "home" for people wherever we are. What a privilege to be a part of the mind expansion of kids.

It's such a great job.

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