Saturday, 29 May 2010


Emily and owl- by Dilkabear

A few nights ago I had an amazingly vivid dream. Actually it was more like a vision as I was not asleep yet and was awake afterwards- awake enough to write it down.

I was sitting in a warm house looking out the window at a cold dark blustery night. As I was looking into the sky a huge brown owl swept down with its beautiful wings spread open wide. The owl flew and perched on the branch of a tree and just sat there and stared at me. I then looked down and I was holding a baby with the face of an owl.

It was so vivid.

There was no fear- just reverance. 

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Thanks Kristy ♥

Thanks to Kristy for the info on public vs private.. I have now been told by 2 people that I have been given incorrect information about this which makes me feel much better..


Hopefully I wont need to transfer and my bub will be squished out in my own warm & cozy home.

Note to self: read information from the source instead of taking the easy way and reading someone elses interpretation.

More planning and pondering...

Good morning all!

My vitex & aust bush flower essence arrived in the mail on Wednesday. Unfortunately my shatavari was not included in the parcel however I have phoned the supplier and it is on it's way. I went through VitaminMe online, the service was excellent and the prices were good too.

I visited the osteopath yesterday about my poor misaligned body. The Osteo (Stewart) feels I have sprained a tiny ligament in my pelvis which has thrown everything out. He isolated the pain that I thought was in my coccyx and we discovered that it is actually just to the left of my sacrum. I'm pleased about this as I feel it will be easier to rehabilitate. Stewart would like me to have a rest from running and focus on strengthening my glutes to support my pelvis. Walking is fine but no lunges or big stairs etc- basically anything that pulls on that tiny ligament needs to be avoided for three weeks or so until it heals. Stewart is going to look at my shoulders next week as I have shocking winged scapular and very poor shoulder stability.

I am very excited to get my body working properly.

Planning to start ttc next month. Am pondering things around home birth and the law- a question for those who know more than me- Would it be wise to have private health cover in case of having to transfer to hospital?? I find it hard to think about the possability of having to be in a horrible environment like that however this is something that is playing on my mind as I have heard that homebirth transfers are considered "private" patients and will be charged private prices.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010



Oh, I'm finding some pearlers today... :) Happy happy!



Another crafty blog to devour... lovely!

Flighty Girl: all good organization begins with craft

Flighty Girl: all good organization begins with craft

This is a gorgeous site I just stumbled accross.. Nicky I thought you'd appreciate this.


Another month passes...

Each menstural time that passes brings me closer to welcoming another life into my body and into our family. This month was my second bleed since coming off the contaceptive pill. I am sure my body is not completely back into a natural rhythm however I can say for sure that I feel better. I am enjoying experiencing my body changing through my cycle and noticing pain when I ovulate due to my polycystic ovary. Menstuating is far less painful for me than ovulating- I only get a deep, dull, heavy feeling in my belly, back and legs for a few hours when I initially start bleeding and then my only symptom is the bleeding itself. Ovulating however is a different story. I experience at least four days of bloated heaviness and a couple of days with a sharp pain in my ovary, like someone is poking me with a pin. It's annoying however it will most likely prove to be useful when we actually start trying to conceive.

So the countdown is on.
Only three months until we start trying.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

What does your day look like?

Here's an example of an average day for me... When I say average, this is an average "home" day... which happen only about twice a week- the rest is spent running around like a headless chook... but lets focus on our nice chilled home days.

At about 5:30am Molly stands by my bed and says "Mum, can I come in?" to which I usually respond "yes, possum, jump in the middle"... some mornings, this experience filters through into my dreams and I have been known to say some crazy things to her like "wait, mummy is just showering, it'll be your turn in a minute"..

At about 6:30, if Molly hasn't gone back to sleep (she doesn't usually) we all get up and make breakfast- the choices are pretty standard, rolled oats with yoghurt, ground flax seed (which Molly grinds in the coffee grinder) and fruit or eggs & veggies (spinach, mushrooms, sweet potatoes).. Sometimes Molly has toast but she prefers to eat what we eat and we don't do much bread in our house. John often grinds fresh coffee and perks it on the stove.. Love my coffee.. The smell drives my wild! I usually precede breakfast with warm water and apple cider vinegar and take my multi & oils at this time too.

After brekky every 2nd day I pop out to water the few salad greens and flowers we have in our garden and pull out any weeds that have popped up overnight. We plan to extend our planting so this is a good habit to be in. (This morning I mulched at this time too- the early bird catches the worm!)

(Most mornings) At about 8am I leave Molly with Daddy (when he's not at school) and I head out to the gym to do weights, spin etc, or for a run for about an hour (sometimes I do this in the evening- Yoga night is Wednesday night). I really relish my time alone to exercise. It is a non negotiable for me.

When I get home, I have a sniff and see if I need to shower (hey, don't judge, you do it too!) and then I dress and we begin our day. We often have a walk down to our local library to return and get new books, stay for story time if it's on, and then head to the fruit & veg shop before stopping at our nearest cafe where we have tea & fruit and chat with the other parents who have just come from the library.

Back home via the playground for some tidying, laundry, cooking etc before Molly is ready for lunch. We sit up at the bench and chat about what we have done during the morning and we prepare lunch together. Molly is very good at getting her own lunch organised and usually chooses to eat a healthy, balanced meal, often it is tuna, rice and veggies, or left over dinner from the night before. We cut up fruit too and have tea. 

In the afternoon we often visit local friends and family, take a walk in the park or just stay home and veg out. Favourite activities at the moment are drawing (she can't get enough!), playing in the garden, cooking, playing mums and dads (if there is another little body to play with), jumping on the trampoline, watching Peter Combe and listening to the Beatles while singing along and playing her guitar. We might pop to the shops to get some extra dinner ingredients before coming home to prepare a meal. This is usually a pretty quiet time in our house where I let Molly watch a DVD or ABC kids. John get home somewhere around this time depending on where he's been during the day.

For dinner recently we have been setting a picnic rug in the living room and eating together on the floor as we haven't got a dining table inside and we want to eat as a family. It's getting too cold to eat at the table outside which we were able to do over summer. Friday nights we get take away from one of our local food places- our favourites at the moment are Angaan (Indian) and Ebi (Japanese fusion fish and chips! They sell bento boxes- my choice is alway teriyaki salmon... drool)

After dinner, it's a shower for Molly, clean teeth, PJs on, story or drawing (her choice) and then she goes off to bed. John and I have been watching The West Wing and that usually goes on at this time for 2 or 3 episodes. We have peppermint and chamomile tea(s), have a cuddle, and tootle off to bed at around 10:30 or 11pm.

It's not that exciting... but I am loving every "home" day that we get. As I said, the rest of our week is nowhere near this chilled.

What does an average day look like for you??

*Photos are self portraits taken by Molly
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