About me

I think the route to health is through a happy heart

My name is Ashley Carr. I am a woman who is trying to be healthy. I am attempting to balance my chaotic life and become much more fit and active along the way. 

I have a great deal of personal experience in the area of weight loss as I have been morbidly obese, obese, over weight and healthy... I have had undies in every size from 22-10. In 2003 I weighed in at 118kg and with the help of a very supportive blogging community and Weight Watchers, I spent three years getting my body to a more healthy 75kg before getting pregnant with Molly and gaining a lot of it back again. 

I then worked super hard, discovered a passion for weight training, and before I fell pregnant with Richie, I hit 72kg. I felt awesome at this weight.

I am currently focused on getting my fitness back and learning more about the way my body responds to exercise and excellent nutrition. I intend to study exercise science at some stage in the future as my thirst for knowledge in this area is unquenchable! 

Running, walking, weights and yoga are my current fitness faves. I am eating mindfully and following the 12wbt

I love blogging and am determined to gradually make this blog much more awesome! 

That's a little about me. Read along to find out more!! 

Welcome to Go Mumma
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