Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Video diary: Preseason task 5- Say it out loud!

The end of this week's video was cut off but I don't think I said anything that important. Enjoy!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I'm doing round 3 of the 12 Week Body Transformation (12wbt)

Here is my first vlog:

And my second

And a list of excuses I use to justify not taking care of myself..

Internal excuses
  1. I'm too tired
  2. I've been up all night with the baby
  3. My body is sore
  4. I don't feel like it
  5. I can't go to bed unless John does
  6. I'm too big to do that
  7. I feel silly doing that
  8. That person will look at me
  9. My belly & boobs jiggle when I run
  10. I want to eat that thing I'm not supposed to eat because it's so yummy/it's the last one/no one is watching/I've had no other treats today/I feel sad, happy, grumpy, have pms/I need some energy etc etc etc

1. Get to bed earlier and get up at 6am to exercise. Once it's done it's done.
2. Be gentle on yourself but do something. You don't have to smash it. Just do something.
3. If you move your body, the pain will ease. Active recovery.
4. Just do it.. You'll be glad you did
5. That's not true. Tell him you're off to bed & if he's not ready, just go.
6. If you do it, you're body will shrink
7. Why do you feel silly? Who cares?
8. It honestly doesn't matter. Get on with it.
9. Wear a decent sports bra and one piece swimsuit under your clothes to hold everything in place
10. Stick to the plan. You know the plan works. This will not make you feel anything other than crap emotionally and physically.

External excuses (within my control)
1. It's too cold
2. It's too hot
3. It's too expensive
4. I have both the kids with me
5. I don't have time
6. I have too much to do
7. I need to do the dishes/laundry/clean the house/cook dinner
8. It's ......'s birthday. Everyone is having cake.
9. We are all going out for dinner.
10. Richie will cry.
11. John is late and I have missed my gym class.

1. Rug up and get it done, you'll warm up in no time!
2. Go to the pool or the gym where it's air conditioned
3. You have savings. If this is important to you, it's not too expensive. You don't need everything. Just the basics. Skip a cup of coffee a day and you wont notice the difference.
4. Go play in the park and run around. Molly loves going to the park to kick the ball. Richie can sit in the pram. Be an active mum and a god example to your kids.
5. You DO have time. You just need to be more organised with your time. Get on the bike while you're watching tv if you can't think of any other way to get some exercise in.
6. Again, this is about making it a priority and scheduling it in.
7. Most of this can wait an hour. Just get it done. If this is a consistent excuse, make it a priority to get up early before the day starts and get it done.
8. No one really cares if you don't eat cake (more for them!) and if they do, explain your goals again or just let it go.
9. This is not a good reason to eat crap. Suggest a place where you know there is healthy food and make a good choice.
10. If he is with his daddy he might cry but he will be OK. Make sure he's had a breastfeed and then go. Some babies are in childcare all day with strangers. You'll be home soon. He will get used to it and so will John.
11.Shame that you missed the class but you know how to train yourself. There are plenty of things you can do in the gym on your own.

External excuses (outside my control)
1. Sick kids
2. I'm sick
3. I'm injured
4. Something bad has happened to a family member
5. Emergency

1. Do what you can & train before they get up
2. Take it easy if you're really sick but get back to it as soon as you start feeling better
3. Where are you injured? Can you train other body parts??
4 & 5. Do what you need to do.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Royalty-free Stock Photo: Best Cupcake Ever! Little Girl Portraits
I am this excited to be meeting all these great bloggers!! I love you like this little chick loves cupcake!

Now, I know that MrsWoogs and Edenland were not in Danimezza's Melbourne Blogger Photo I have been talking about however I recently saw them on TV and just HAD to go investigate these bloggers who I am SURE I should have known about!! 

How on earth did I miss Woogsworld and Edenland?? Huh?! Tell me!!!

Here is a gorgeous post from Mrs Woogs: The Shiny Vagina and other magical stuff

So, I just want to officially say HI to both of you!


My Poppet - kids | craft | vintage | fun: How To: Yarn Wrapped Egg

My Poppet - kids | craft | vintage | fun: How To: Yarn Wrapped Egg

My Poppet

I LOVE My Poppet!!

This blog is a total feast for the senses! Cintia has created a wonderful space to blog about family, travel, making stuff, being mum, and running an online business (Poppet in the post). I will definitely be going to explore her blog and store further! Totally up my alley!

Squee!! New blogs!!

My hero!

Sass Bee from MooZoo Designs and Life of the bees has come to my rescue and fixed (and prettified) my blog. 

Just want to say a huge 


My blog layout is doing strange things!

I just popped in to do my next Go Mumma blog challenge post and discovered my sidebar content is all down the bottom of my page.

Not sure what is going on but trying to resolve it.

Apologies! Trying to fix it ASAP.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Hummingbird's Song

Check out this wonderful post  by Rhi at Humminbird's Song about how to take great photos of your kids. 

Rhi writes beautifully and her photography is just gorgeous. She is also a mother, and loves (from her sidebar) Painting, Boots, Novels, Family, Friends, Dancing, Laughing, Hot Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Any Type of Chocolate, TV Series, Photos, Hummingbirds, Running, Sunshine and her life. 

Thanks for your blog Rhi. I am sure I am going to enjoy reading along into the future.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

ashleyecarr shared an Instagram photo with you

Hi there,
ashleyecarr just shared an Instagram photo with you:

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"Baby in flannel"
The Instagram Team

Mands On A Mission

Mands On A Mission is a woman after my own heart! With a focus on frugality and smashing debt, Mands tackles her financial stresses head on. Here is a little blurb from her sidebar which describes her vibe perfectly;

It's not Mission Impossible ~ My Mission is to pay our down debt, stay on budget and enjoy a wonderful life! Join in, follow along and please tell us if any hints work for you. The Mission, should you choose to participate, can help you lower expenses, save money, build financial freedom
I am so excited to find this blog! 

Here is a fab post I love: 12 ways you can start saving today 

Thanks for sharing your blog with the bloggosphere Mands, it's great to meet you!

Sharnee @ Mannerfesto

I have been a-visitin'!

Sharnee over at Mannerfesto was my first port of call. I discovered that Sharnee of Mannerfesto is actually also Sharnee from Suck My Lolly and is an awesome and talented blog template designer who I have definitely crossed paths with in my years of blogging.

She has an honest, funny, unstructured personal blog and doesn't run ads or do sponsored posts. It's just not her bag. I really enjoyed taking a peek into her life and look forward to maybe meeting her at the next Hello Events Melbourne meet. Thanks for your contribution to the bloggosphere Sharnee!

Here's a post that sparked my interest:

The blogging community

Over the past eight years blogging has been a part of my life. I has been a way for me to record the happenings of my life and to connect with others at the same time. My blogging frequency and effort has ebbed and flowed but I have always felt secure knowing that there is a place to go and get my thoughts out with the added benefit of getting a word of support, wisdom or feedback from other bloggers out there.

I began blogging as a means of connecting with others who were, like me, trying to lose weight. All I initially wanted out of it was to journal my daily effort and results and have people cheer me on. People who understood the task I was undertaking. That's all I expected from blogging, but I got so much more! I realised that my support meant something to others, that what I had to share was meaningful and that there was potential to develop some real friends through this process. 

I attended weightloss blogger meets and met bloggers like Cinders, The Candid Bandit, My dear friend Philippa, Nicky, Cat, Shawnte, Kate, Brooke and loads more (please don't be offended if you're not on the list and we have met.. Trying to find all your blog addresses was taking me forever!) and I have made some true friends in the process. I really got so much more than I bargained!

With the rise in social media over the last few years, I have noticed a decline in blogging and commenting (by the average blogger- not the super mummy paid bloggers- Hi, if you're one of them!!) and I feel a little bit sad about that. I am definitely guilty of tweeting a quick thought now instead of thinking things through and blogging and I have been challenged recently while looking back at my old blog posts and reading other amazing blogs to try and get my blogging mojo back.

Some of the fab women from my old blogging community have closed down their blogs or no longer blog very frequently. I do miss them but understand that there are seasons in life for things like blogging and for some of them, the season has passed. I, however, would like to get back in the bloggosphere and have decided to set a challenge for myself.

After visiting HELLO EVENTS and reading about the blogger meets that have been happening, I have been inspired to check out some more blogs and meet some current bloggers. It's almost like deciding to get back on the dating scene!! I'm nervous! 

My challenge will begin with visiting the blogs of all the women in the Melbourne Hello Events blog meet photo and doing a little review post, adding them to my sidebar and then hopefully attending the next Melbourne event. 

Next stop Sharnee at Mannerfesto

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Hubby's wordsmith ways... an ode to The Beatles (and the Richmond Tigers)

My hubby writes for Collingwood FC's skipper Nick Maxwell as a blogger on his website www.nickmaxwell.com.au. I love this most recent post. I think it's really clever and thought I would share it here with you.
A Hard Year’s Plight
By The Holy Boot
*This article is 80% fictional and all “quotes” are artificial.
It’s been a long cold lonely winter.”
These words, penned by the late George Harrison, the ‘quiet’ Beatle, have been bouncing around my head in relation to Richmond’s season thus far, as the ‘winter of discontent’ has settled upon Punt Road once more. Below, I have combined two of my great loves- it’s the Richmond Football club’s season in the words of the “Fab-Four!”
After a promising and lively start to the season, a period where Tiger fans really got to see how they runthe ball from defence when they’re up and about, the season has truly become a long and winding roadfor the Tigers. With interstate trips to Darwin, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Perth grinding our campaign to a halt, the ultimate test was a  Magical Mystery bus tour home from Sydney after all Tullamarine-bound planes were grounded. When asked how the team was holding up through this tough period of travel, all that captain Chris Newman was able to mutter was ‘I’m so tired’, before curling up in a ball for some hard-earned kip.
Of course the media began to circulate, casting a critical eye over Tigerland. One scribe stated that “this past month has seen Richmond play toe-jam football, Miller is playing like he has feet down below his knees, and Riewoldt has been flying for the most ridiculous of marks when completely out of position. It was rumoured that he asked Ty Vickery to “help me get my feet back on the ground!” at one stage.
Mitch Morton fell out of favour at the selection committee, defensive coach Justin Leppitsch commenting that “Suddenly, he’s not half the player he used to be.” Morton responded that “Everybody seems to think I’m lazy, but it’s just my running gate that makes me look that way! The club decided that this was best settled behind closed doors.
Luke McGuane’s discipline has also been called into question, with a record number of 50-metre penalties conceded so far this season. When the media quizzed coach Hardwick about the issue, he informed them this was because  McGuane “always shouts out something obscene, but he is getting better. Look with Lukey, half of what I say is meaningless!”
Injury has also plagued Richmond’s season, prompting assistant coach Wayne Campbell to comment that “It’s all too much!” The match in Sydney claimed promising youngster David Astbury, who dislocated his knee with an awkward twist and shout of agony! “I will return” Astbury later confirmed, a steely determination in his eyes.
A more public injury was in round 2 against St.Kilda, when Jack Riewoldt came down upon his head. Jack pleaded with Doctor Robert. “Doc, it’s only a scratch, I’ll be better as soon as I’m able.” But he wasn’t allowed back on due to a concussion, and was subbed off, the doctor telling him that “You might not feel it now, but when the pain cuts through you’re going to know”.
Richmond coach Damien Hardwick has endured a frustrating period since the clubs win in the Dreamtime at the ‘G match against Essendon. “Don’t let me down!” Hardwick was heard to plead at three-quarter time against Port Adelaide, his plea clearly audible to media covering the match.
He was later seen in the rooms, long after the players had left, spending some quality one-on-one time with the magnetic board, pondering Richmond’s defensive struggles. The focus at training that week was onfixing a hole where the ball gets in, with skipper Newman, a general down back saying that sometimes it seems they’re trying to plug “four thousand holes!”
Pushed further on why the defence lacked cohesion, Newman was at a loss. “The communication was good on field, we were talking about the space between us all, but the opposition was still able to find a way through!”
But coach Hardwick is calling for patience. To the Richmond faithful, who are as restless as a wind inside a letterbox, he pleaded “Wait, you stick around and things might show some real improvement, andit won’t be long before you can celebrate anything you want!”
Yet after another embarrassing loss to Gold Coast in Cairns, a crowd of people turned away. “Here come the Suns” read the headlines in the dailies. Hardwick became more philosophical, informing journalists that “When we get to the bottom we go back and we play for some pride. Look, there’s a chance that we may fall apart before too long, but we’re taking the long term approach with this footy club.” Dimma then posed his own question to the media throng. “Have you got a good reason for taking the easy way out? No, this club needs a long term approach. We’ll sit down at the end of the year and say look, everybody had a hard year, and everybody needs to pull their socks up.”
The coach maintained that moral within the playing group was still high, and revealed some of the techniques he’s been using to keep the players up. “Look I just tell them to get back to basics. Sometimes we strip back and simplify the game plan, and I’ll just say the only words I know that they’ll understand. All the boys are talented footballers, but sometimes we just need to remind them that there’s nothing you can do that can’t be done. And for the young guys still learning the ropes, there’s really nothing they can do but they can learn how to play the game, it’s easy.”
It has not been all doom and gloom however, with many positives coming from the season so far.
Matthew White, in his sixth season has purely been instructed to run for your life, and has busted his gut up and down the wing. Lively forward Robin Nahas has taken his game to a new level, no longer anchored to the forward line, he is now running everywhere at such a speed.
Daniel Jackson has remodelled his aggressive game style due to a series of suspensions. “Man he was mean but he’s changing his scene and he’s doing the best that he can” Hardwick said of his number one tagger, while when asked about Trent Cotchin, Hardwick paused, a glimmer in his eye. “There’s something in the way he moves, he’s just a special talent.”
New Tiger Bachar Houli has also had a standout year across half back, and has relished Hardwick’s direct coaching and simple game plan. Speaking about his time at Essendon, he responded “The teachers that taught me weren’t cool, filling me up with their rules!” However, while Reece Conca has had an outstanding debut season, skipper Chris Newman was concerned about his ego, after hearing a radio interview in which Conca was heard to say “They’re gonna make a big star out of me!”
A tough pre-season is in store for young Reece” Newman said bluntly.
The club has had nearly as busy a year off the field as it has on, with the Fighting Tiger Fund launched to eradicate the clubs debt, the Punt Road redevelopment and the opening of the ME Bank Training facility. The club has really come together under C.E.O and former player Brendan Gale, who had been away so long he hardly knew the place.
“Gee it’s good to be back home.” he mused upon his appointment in 2009. Gale has a simple philosophy on where the club is at. “Money don’t get everything it’s true, but what it don’t get, we can’t use.” Gale sees it as imperative that the club no longer should carry the weight of debt that it has since the early 1980’s, and has asked members and supporters to dig deep, so that the Richmond footy club can be competitive in the future.
Usually at this point in a season, we Richmond supporters are busy preparing for the barrage of jokes about finishing in position number 9, number 9, number 9, year after year. However, it seems even our traditional ninth-spot is beyond us for season 2011. I am now resigned to a lowly finish on the ladder, however the breaking point for me was after a loss to Essendon, having led at three-quarter time. In frustration I blurted out “you could find better things to do than to break my heart again!” But once I regained my equilibrium, I looked to Dimma Hardwick, in whom we trust, and feel that the future still looks good, and we’ve got time to rectify all the things that we should.
*This article is dedicated to the day that Richmond’s Bruce Lennon lined up on Collingwood’s Jason McCartney in round 14 of 1993! Also, there are 54 references to Beatles songs in bold, some well-known, some obscure!
The Holy Boot
These thoughts and opinions are those of the author and are not necessarily aligned with those of Nick Maxwell or the people at nickmaxwell.com.au
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