Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Auction: Upcycled blanket neck warmer!

Our next very cute item has been donated by Mezz Coleman, a crafty lady from Footscray, Australia who spends her time making sweet sweet music, hanging with asylum seekers and sewing up a storm. www.mezzcoleman.com. She also blogs at www.mezzmakesstuff.blogspot.com.

This little neck warmer is made from an upcycled blanket, a vintage sheet and a sweet wee vintage button. 

Mezz is an avid urban cyclist and knows that a long scarf can be annoying and dangerous on the bike! So she has come up with this dear little neck piece!

Bidding starts at $10. Please place you bid below in the comments! 

All proceeds will be donated to Green Collect, an innovative, Melbourne based social enterprise. www.greencollect.org


Mezz said...

ill bid $15 and gift it to mayra!! ive been meaning to make her one for a while xx

Suki Fourcade said...

Well let me kick off with the $10, hoping for a mega bargain ;) !!

Ashwee said...

Currently with Mezz at $15. Anyone want to go higher? :)

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