Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Another month passes...

Each menstural time that passes brings me closer to welcoming another life into my body and into our family. This month was my second bleed since coming off the contaceptive pill. I am sure my body is not completely back into a natural rhythm however I can say for sure that I feel better. I am enjoying experiencing my body changing through my cycle and noticing pain when I ovulate due to my polycystic ovary. Menstuating is far less painful for me than ovulating- I only get a deep, dull, heavy feeling in my belly, back and legs for a few hours when I initially start bleeding and then my only symptom is the bleeding itself. Ovulating however is a different story. I experience at least four days of bloated heaviness and a couple of days with a sharp pain in my ovary, like someone is poking me with a pin. It's annoying however it will most likely prove to be useful when we actually start trying to conceive.

So the countdown is on.
Only three months until we start trying.

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