Tuesday, 15 February 2011

39 week update

Okay, so I have been a bit MIA recently.. To be honest, I can't be bothered blogging but have forced myself to come and record what's going on in week 39!

In dot points:

  • 39 weeks today

  • Have had 25 hours of pre-labour that ended yesterday afternoon. It was hurty and regular enough that I called midwife and support people to let them know that I thought things might be starting. It was a really nice family day going for walks and hanging out. The contractions felt like they were doing something so hopefully my active labour will be a little shorter. I have had quite a few hurty contractions since (having one now actually) but not regular. I'm thinking baby is trying to find a good position and then s/he will hit the go button.

  • We set up the birth pool last week and have checked that all the hoses etc connect. Good to go!

  • Washed and folded all the cloth nappies and everything has a place.

  • The bed is prepared with a waterproof liner.

  • I've lost a kilo in the last 2 days... worth noting but not important.

  • Had my mother blessing- it was a gorgeous time with my women friends and family. I now have some beautiful prayer flags, a birth necklace made of beads contributed by the guests and an amazing henna owl belly.

  • I am a bit of a hermit right now but am feeling frustrated because I'm not getting out of the house much.. I'm full of contradictions. 

That will do for now.. Back to being bored and frustrated.. lol



Newmumma said...

Not long now! I found it so difficult in the last few weeks.... I couldn't get comfortable and just felt huge! You seem to be very prepared though! Hopefully not long to wait xx

green ink said...

Oh darling, I'm sure it won't be long now! I'm so excited for you! xxx

Dovic said...

39 weeks! Holy cow, by the time you read this you could be in labour ;-).Enjoy this time, uncomfortable as it is. Relax and put your feet up..coz something crazy wonderful is coming your way xx

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