Thursday, 27 October 2011

My babes- family update..

I have been spending so much time focusing on the 12WBT that I haven't updated on my kidlets for a while.

We are all cruising along nicely now having just overcome a bit of a cold. Richie has been diagnosed with asthma and has some ventolin to take when his wheezing gets worse. The spacer and mask are so cute on him and he has figured out that it makes him feel better so he doesn't fight it any more and just grabs it as he knows it makes him feel better. 

He is 7 1/2 months now and is sitting, commando crawling, saying "mum-mum" and "ta" and is being generally cute. He is a great eater and can handle a whole variety of foods now. We didn't do a whole lot of purees but he much prefers chunks of food. We realised this morning that he ate more than me for breakfast! I ate a bowl of cereal with skim milk and he devoured a bowl of cereal with yoghurt, rye sourdough toast with cream cheese and half a mango! He boobs about 5 times a day too & is not showing any sign of dropping any feeds.

Here's a few recent snaps of the lad:

Oh yeah, he can pull up to standing too!

Molly is doing great and she has recently started school transition. She is growing so fast I can't believe it! She is developing some beautiful friendships with a few kinder kids, some who are going to school with her next year so I'm feeling really positive about her being a big school girl! Wow! How time flies!

We recently went the Collingwood College school fair (It was seriously good! Put it in your diary for next year!) and had a wonderful time browsing cake stalls, trash & treasure, their amazing kitchen garden, making flower garlands and eating wood fired pizza from the amazing permanent pizza oven in the school grounds. Molly brought her own money and chose to spend it on some ballet shoes and this giant ball of fairy floss.

Bigger than her head fairy floss!
Here's another pic of her being a doofus:

Anywho... I'm feeling a bit crappy today so I might leave it there. I would love to update this blog more often but am finding a bit hard to balance everything at the moment.

Hope you're all fab!

PS: CONGRATS to Phil at Skinny Latte Strikes Back For winning a Cosmo Blog Award! You deserve it honey!


Shauna said...

Holy moly, such beautiful kids... swoon! :)

PS I read your blog at work so no audio, seriously need to catch up on your 12WBT videos! Hope it's going great guns :)

Ashwee said...

Going good! Have had a bit of a lull but back into it now. Thanks for asking honey! :)

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