Wednesday, 27 June 2012

What rituals give you life??

I love a good ritual!

Now that I work on weekdays (like normal people), I get to enjoy the "pre-work cafe stop" ritual! 

I have been leaving home stupidly early just so I can squeeze the most time out of my morning "me" time. This morning it was still dark when I left. I don't know what it is about the morning cafe stop... It's just so revitalising before the day starts. I sit here (yes.. I'm here now) with my MacBook and a long macchiato and it's like I could be on holiday or something! 

What rituals give you life?? What rejuvenates you??


Secret Agent Awesome! said...

I love that!!!

Foxyboxy said...

I have a few rituals that I look forward to... The school run in particular. I enjoy seeing my little girl so excited about going to school and chatting with the other mums. And my evening cuppa. Tv off, kids in bed, me with a magazine (loe dumbo feather!!!) and a big cuppa.

The Students Wife said...

I love this!! I found you from twitter :) I'm still trying to figure twitter out, so for now its just easier for me to comment on blogs!

I have a ritual of putting my husband and baby to bed and then just having "me" time for a while.. reading books, playing on my computer, justing enjoying the quiet!

I just added myself as a follower

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