Tuesday, 3 July 2012

2800 Page views yesterday!!

I just checked my analytics and realised that I had a MASSIVE spike in readers yesterday!

Almost 2800 page views of Richie's birth story! Just yesterday!

Most of the traffic came from Facebook but the links aren't leading me anywhere so I am asking you... If you are reading this and you found my blog via a facebook shared link, please let me know! I am SO curious!!

I can guess that it is a U.S. page and most likely a BIG one as the traffic was INSANE!

Out of those 2800 page views I got 3 comments! Only 3!! 


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CraftyWeeks said...

The Skeptical Mother on Facebook is where I found your birth story. Following your blog, would love for you to follow me as well. http://craftyweeks.blogspot.com/

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