Saturday, 10 April 2010

Optimum health and wellness...

I have been doing some meditation and relaxation recently. I downloaded a free audio from iTunes called "Yoga Nidra". It is a guided relaxation that goes for about 15 minutes which helps you achieve a trance like state. I have been doing this every day or so. During the meditation, the voice asks you to think of an affirmation. At first I was trying too hard to think of something and it was distracting me from the purpose of the exercise- so I decided to leave it and just focus on relaxing. Funnily enough, as soon as I let go, my phrase came to me:

"I will achieve optimum health and wellness".

As some of you will know, I have already taken significant leaps toward this goal, having lost 45kg and increasing my physical fitness. I am almost a qualified personal trainer and am already working with other women in a holistic way to achieve their goals. The difference between this affirmation and those I have had in the past around health and fitness is that this will endure lifes changes, hurdles and challenges. Optimam health and wellness is more than just having a healthy and fit body- it encompasses those things that we cannot see. Our inner workings, our thoughts, feelings, behaviours, spiritual connection and our connection to those around us. It is about balance and having respect for my inner and outer self, my community and the earth.

Steps I am already taking toward this goal;

  • Planning a home birth for my yet to be conceived baby. This itself is a healing process, no matter what the outcome.
  • Focussing on physical exercise that I enjoy- not what someone tells me to do. This right now is yoga, walking, jogging and functional resistance exercises.
  • Trying to eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods with a balance of lean protein, complex carbs and good fats. (Looking forward to my delicious lunch today "rainbow veggie & lentil soup" made with home made chicken stock.
  • Making an appointment to see a new chiropractor. This body is way out of alignment and something's gotta give!
  • Making time to explore my spiritual life and beliefs, to engage with my community which is central to my faith.
  • Making time to intentionally relax and meditate
  • Reflecting on my parenting and being intentional about how I relate to my daughter. Asking the question "Am I being the mum I really want to be?"

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