Sunday, 4 April 2010


My name is Ashley, you can call me Ash. I am in the process of working through (again) what happened during the (highly traumatic) birth of my now three year old daughter. I am beginning this process because my husband and I are planning to conceive again toward the middle of the year and we would dearly love to be able to have the next baby at home without intervention.

This online journal will be the place I document the process and planning involved in preparing for a home birth and will also serve as a place for me to share my feelings and work through some of the lingering issues from my (and my daughter's) last birth experience. I will also put some of my favourite natural childbirth and parenting resources in the sidebar.

The next post will be the birth story of my daughter. I am not sure who will be here reading this but I encourage you to please leave a comment if you have experience with normal and particularly home birth. I would love to develop a network of women who trust birth and the female body and who can support me in this healing journey.

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