Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The waiting game and the mind games...

When trying to conceive, time just slows down doesn't it?

The time between menstruation, ovulation and then from ovulation until the next bleed is due- and waiting to see if it happens or not!

I got a bit eager on Monday and took a pregnancy test- of course it came back negative because it was too early even if I am pregnant! (What's that about? Pfft! I'm a loony!) I think I took it so that I don't get too upset when (if) I menstruate this cycle. I have been getting my hopes up because I had some light pink discharge on Saturday which may or may not have been an implantation bleed. Plus my breasts have been really heavy and tender which also could just be pre menstrual symptoms.

Sometimes I wish I didn't know so much about the body, conception, birth etc. Then I'd be blissfully ignorant about what my body is or isn't doing!
Check this blog out- there is a wonderful podcast from The late (Spiritual Midwife) Jeannine Parvati Baker.


skinny latte said...

I am blissfully ignorant. I'll be one of these women who will be 4 months gone and not even realise it ;) ha ha

Green Mama said...

It absolutely Messes with your head! This is where I am at now and Its slowly driving me insane, testing when you know it wont show up, every twinge, every ache, sigh. lol @ skinny latte, Lucky girl!

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