Thursday, 17 June 2010

Women creating...

An example of a traditional Indian door/wall hanging called a Toran.

Today I participated in day one of a six week women's community project called "the women's welcome textile project". It is a funded project run by the local neighborhood house and the aim is to create a Toran, an Indian welcome door hanging to have pride of place in the front of the centre.

The hanging will be created using hand made felt and embroidery and each woman will be taking home a piece to adorn with whatever feels right. The project worker described it as putting a piece of our heart into the work.

It's a lively concept. The group is made up of Australian, Indian, Bangladeshi, Bosnian, Ethiopian and Vietnamese women- not all of whom speak English but it just doesn't matter at all. It's so practical and visual so talking is just a bonus. I feel so blessed to be involved in this project and tapping into that ancient act of being with women and creating together.

I will take photos as the project progresses!

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