Saturday, 3 July 2010

6 weeks pregnant...

Hi all..

Quick post to say that we conceived first try!!

This is something that I absolutely do not take for granted. Having a polycystic ovary, I assumed it may take a while but nope! First go! Huzzah!

I wasn't going to post until the 12 week mark however I had a think about it and decided that I would want to have support and document the whole journey whatever the outcome of the pregancy.

So welcome to the next 40+ weeks!

So far I have experienced a little queaziness, tender breasts and really full on tiredness. But other than that I feel great! May it continue!


I have decided to hire Joy Johnson as my midwife as Robyn will be busy finishing her PhD. Have had all my bloods done which show everything to be normal and my GP is right on board with my plans to birth at home. I'm blessed to have so many supportive people around me.


Kristy said...

Congratulations Ash! That's wonderful news!!

All the best for the next 40 weeks, and beyond.


Ashwee said...

Thanks Kristy.. I feel like I can blog again properly now that the news is out! :) Thanks for reading. How is the 12wbt going?

Green Mama said...

Oh My Goodness! CONGRATULATIONS! That is the most fantastic news Ive heard in ages, I'm so happy for you all xoxo

Green Mama said...

I should have finished reading your post before I commented, Big Thumbs up for the Home birth plans! Exciting times :o)

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