Saturday, 3 July 2010


I thought I'd do a little photo post with some pics from the last couple of weeks.

Last week Molly looked at me and asked so sincerely "Mumma, can we have an adventure tomorrow?".. Of course I couldn't say no to such an ernest request and we set off on a chilly Monday morning in our hats, scarves and coats, and caught a train to Belgrave (in the Dandenong Ranges) to take a ride on Puffing Billy- an old fashioned steam engine that runs on a track through the mountains. We were absolutely freezing but had an amazing time together. Here are some photos below. Sorry there are no photos of the train or scenery, the camera on my phone doesn't take very good longer range shots.

After a gorgeous day in the hills we visited my inlaws to thaw out and have dinner. While we were there I overheard Molly say to her Pa "Pa? Can I have a coloured texta and some paper so I can write up my next adventure?"... Too cute huh!??

Here is a 5 week (non) belly shot for the record- it just looks as if I've had a big dinner! :)

And here are some family shots taken two nights ago at my little brother's birthday dinner. My mum has recently lost 20kgs and is only now starting to be somewhat OK about being in photograps. Isn't she gorgeous- she is at any weight but try telling her that!

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