Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Go Mumma recommends: Dead Man Espresso

Dead Man Espresso
35 Market Street, South Melbourne

Early one recent Sunday morning I received a phone call from my darling mother. She asked what we were up to during the day and wondered if we might like to get together for a walk. I told her we had planned to try out a cafe that had been recommended to me in South Melbourne (St. Ali) and that she and her partner Dave were welcome to join us. 

On approaching St. Ali we quickly realised that this was not the place to visit with a big pram and a dog in tow as it was incredibly busy and there was no seating on the street. I pushed down my initial disappointment and we tramped down the street toward another cafe recommended by Dave. He is a coffee snob from way back and South Melbourne is his stomping ground so I felt confident he was leading us to green pastures.

Tucked away, set a block back from Clarendon Street, we found Dead Man Espresso. At first  glance, this place might seem like a run-of-the-mill cafe for the locals but once inside it is clear that these folks take their coffee seriously. Delightful timber walls and tables really warm up the clean, modern decor and an impressive balcony overlooks a few tables out on Market Street (for those of us who like the company of the four-legged variety).

I ordered my standard, a skim latte, but after doing a bit of further investigation I wish I had tried their pour over filter coffee. There is always next time. I did thoroughly enjoy my latte though- it was the perfect temperature, strong but not bitter. Dead Man's signature espresso blend is a gorgeous nutty Seven Seeds blend that leaves a lingering kick at the back of the throat. Seven Seeds coffee just melts me, so they had an advantage before I had taken the first sip. They definitely did it justice with the latte.

(I have been back again since this article was written and tried the aeropress coffee... I will be returning to my original order next time as I didn't really enjoy it. It tasted like basic plunger coffee. Am I missing something? Coffee geeks help a girl out and explain it to me!)

I didn't try the food however I did glance at some of the dishes being served and I am quite excited to return again for breakfast some time soon (hands up who wants to babysit!?).

We admired the lovely simple detail on the take away cup. These touches do matter folks! To aesthetically focused people like me, a little extra effort goes a long way.

To the right of the counter is a display of delicious looking hand crafted products. I assume this display changes as products go in and out of season (when I was there a few days ago it looked completely different to these photographs). This jam got me a little excited for my own jam making (we are in the midst of an apricot glut!). Such simple, pretty detail!)

Here is the delicious Seven Seeds blend made especially for Dead Man Espresso. Mum kindly shouted us a bag and it lasted only a few days. So delicious! I think it was about $13 a bag (trying to read the sign in the photo but it's too tiny and blurry). Well worth the money.

And yummy yummy rooftop honey!

All-in-all, I give a big thumbs up to Dead Man Espresso and I look forward to my next visit!

Thanks guys!

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