Saturday, 24 March 2012

So far so good

I was told to prepare for a few months of craziness after getting the Mirena IUD inserted. I was told my moods may be crazy, I might get some weird bleeding and that I may be a little spaced out and loopy. I had prepared myself for this but to my pleasant surprise, 3 weeks on, it's all totally fine so far!

On the day of insertion I felt quite crampy and sore and had some bleeding over the next few days but since then I have felt perfectly fine with just a little intermittent light spotting. Hopefully there are no other issues from here on.

Funny story, I walked into the doctor's surgery all ready to have the procedure done. I sat down, all psyched up to have my lady bits messed with and handed him the prescription for the IUD (that I had been given at the last appointment with no other instructions). He looked confused for a moment and then informed me that I needed to go and BUY the IUD from the pharmacy and that he would wait while I ran two blocks down the street to get it. Nothing like a run to clear the head! I forgot all my nerves and was really relaxed when it was finally time to have it put in. This, unfortunately, is typical of me.. ho-hum..

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