Saturday, 25 February 2012

The post where I talk about contraception..

Here's some adorable kitties for you to look at while I explain that this post  is about contraception.
Disclaimer: I talk about things that may make you go "eeeew".. I also ask that if you disagree with my choice, please don't try to freak me out in the comments. I know all the risks and am making an informed choice. Thank you for your consideration.. lol

I went to the doctor yesterday for one of those "woman thingys" that we need to do every couple of years but never enjoy.. you know.. one of those. Anyway, I also wanted to talk about contraception options as we have been using barrier contraceptives since the wee man was born and it was becoming annoying. It's hard enough to get in the mood without... anyway, I digress.

In the past I have used oral contraceptives. Lots of different types. All of which made me feel quite depressed. Even the magic "YAZ" pill that everyone raves about made me feel really off. So I made a decision that oral contraceptives are not for me. Before Richie was born I had not used any hormonal contraceptives for a year.

A few of my friends have had "Implanon" inserted under their skin. Some find it good, others had it removed after experiencing bad side effects. This method freaks me out for some reason and after having bad reactions to the pill I am certain that this method would be all kinds of wrong for me.

The rhythm method is all good in theory but not quite effective enough for me to trust it.

So have decided to get an IUD inserted- more specifically, the Mirena. I go in next Friday to have it put in. I know there are risks associated with IUDs (going through the wall of the uterus being one of the most freaky ones- it's unlikely, but does occasionally happen) however I feel it is the right decision for my body and current situation. The good thing about them is that they can be easily removed if I want it out and there is no waiting for fertility to return if we want to try for another baby (not likely). I will have up to 5 years of contraceptive protection for $5 (concession price). The hormonal response works locally so will not cause many of the side effects that the pill causes. A few friends who have them have reported that they had a few months of weird periods, spotting and "adjusting" but after that, feel nothing and have light periods and no crazy hormonal fluctuations through their cycle.

What contraception do you use (if any)? Any advice? Please remember my disclaimer above... lol

Mirena IUD


Kek said...

I had an Implanon implant at one stage, but I was one of the 1% for whom it makes menstrual bleeding a nightmare. :/ I lasted four months before I went back to the gyno and made him take it out.

I did a lot of research into the Mirena years ago, and was all set to have one, but that wasn't to be either. My uterus and I were never friends...which is why I had the damn thing removed in the end. My uterus, I mean. (Take THAT, sucker!)

But I remember that at the time, the Mirena was a really sound option. There seem to be few side effects or problems with it, and if you're not wanting a permanent solution, I think it's one of the better choices. If it doesn't work out for you, it's easy enough to have it removed.

Secret Agent Awesome! said...

I'm not a fan of the pill - not for hormonal or making me sad reasons - I took it years ago to clear up my skin but after it did that I never took it again. After that I developed high BP and the pill elevates your BP so I have continued to not take it.

I know it's not foolproof and so many disagree but I use the rhythm method. I know my body really well, I can feel ovulation occuring and I can read the signs (mucus etc) so in conjunction with my own knowledge and an iphone app that tracks my periods and ovulation that's what I use.

I want to stress - OUTSIDE of a long term relationship I use condoms. I only use the rhythm method in a long term, committed relationship.

Thale said...

I would recommend a p-ring.


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