Saturday, 14 April 2012

Crocheting is awesome.. so are school holidays and my family!

I have discovered that what I thought was knitting's plain little sister, is in fact, freaking awesome!

These last couple of weeks have been (surprisingly) really nice! The idea of the kids being on school holidays was making me feel extremely tired. I would go as far as saying I had anxiety just thinking about it... But around the holidays rolled and, to my surprise, we have had a delightful time!

It's been a gorgeous feeling closing my eyes at night without the inevitable "Oh crap! Better set the alarm!" and just as lovely faffing about in my pyjamas for an extra hour or so in the morning. There has been an abundance of tea brewed, chocolate and hot cross buns eaten, a few lovely/frustrating family gatherings, and a whole lot of crafting going on!  Despite a few stressful things happening  for some members of our family, we have drawn together over the last couple of weeks and I can really feel the love right now. I love how we draw near to each other in a crisis.

Richie has started walking and is loving exploring his little world from a new perspective. He is going through some pretty full on separation anxiety so parting is sweet sorrow (sweet for me and sorrow for him... did I just say that!?) but apparently he is fine as soon as I leave. I start a new job in mid May so I will be needing to leave him with my mum weekly.. that will be an interesting experiment. I will be working a total of 4 days per week as I am keeping my weekend job too. I haven't ever worked this much before so we shall see how it goes. I'm sure it will be fine and we will be able to juggle things to make it all work. I hope!!

My crocheting is coming along in leaps and bounds and I have discovered that what I thought was knitting's plain little sister, is in fact, freaking awesome and quickly becoming my craft of choice! I have spent quite a few nights wishing that sleep was optional so I could just keep crocheting all night. I am making a blanket, some socks and granny squares for Pip's Granny a day project (see a few posts down for info on that).

Well this post is getting too long and I am looking at it thinking I should do about four different posts for all the different things I am writing about... but I can't be bothered so I'm going to click publish now.


Cybele said...

Popping in to say "hi"! I cannot crochet to save myself. Knitting on the other hand....

That coffee sure looks yummy!!

Ashwee said...

Thanks for stopping by Cybele! Your blog looks right up my alley and I anticipate spending a long time browsing your archives!



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