Sunday, 22 April 2012

Gorgeous colourful tights made in Melbourne

So.... I have died and gone to heaven! Locally and lovingly made gorgeous tights in all the colours of the rainbow!

What better way to jazz up a dreary winter wardrobe (not that your wardrobe is dreary!!) than with a pair of delightful coloured tights from OKOK in Brunswick!

I am yet to purchase a pair for myself as I am pondering which of the plethora of hues I will choose first but rest assured I will be visiting again soon!

Here's the deets!

Shop 16,Hardwick Building
Sparta Place,459 Sydney Road
Brunswick Vic 3056,Australia

Ph. + 61 3 9387 9840

(This is not a sponsored post... I just think these tights are well pretty!)

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Taz said...

I have a pair of red spotty ones! I love them! Not sure where they came from exactly but i would say get a pair! and if you cant decide on colour, get more than one! also, i mentioned your blog on mine so hope thats ok and hopefully you get more readers enjoying your blog!

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