Monday, 6 August 2012

1200 calories

My eating has become quite out of control again...

So for at least the rest of the month I am going to cut the crap (food) and aim for 1200 calories per day.

I'm not going to weigh myself until August 31st so I don't get too obsessive about the numbers. I am about a size 18 right now- not measuring. I don't care how many centimetres I am. I do, however want to get back into my size 12-14 clothes in the long term.

The plan is to just eat regular food but stick to the calories. Keeping it super simple. I am also aiming to walk for an hour on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday & also do some boxing with my mate Yelka on Sunday mornings before or after the walk.

I'd love some encouragement so feel free to pop a comment down below or email me.



The Students Wife said...

I love the Fitnesspal app.. Its easy to track your calories :) Good luck to you! You can do it!!

Nicole said...

Hey Ash, go you. You've done it before, you can do this no probs. I've been reading up heaps on Weston A Price foundation and Sally Fallon, think this is the way I'll go. Goal for 2012 was $12000 in the bank and becoming size 12, got the $12000 now its time to work this ass off!!!

philippa_moore said...

I was actually thinking how good you were looking lately :) But I understand that people can tell you how good you look till the cows come home but it's important you feel that in yourself.

I'm sure if you cut out the junk food and challenge yourself with your workouts you'll notice a difference. I did some calorie counting as an experiment last month just to see and it can be a real eye opener!! I too used FitnessPal, very easy app to use xx

vintagemovement said...

Love your blog, just found you via styling you... I've been on a 1200 cal. diet using myfitnesspal as well, wish I had found you when I started in July and I needed to know someone else was suffering with me... hoping to be close to where I want to be by mid December.
Look forward to reading more

Ashwee said...

Hi Tina! It can be challenging sticking to the 1200 but I find, when I'm in the zone and eating lots of veggies I sometimes struggle to eat the whole 1200! It's amazing how much we can actually eat when sticking to mostly veggies and fruit. If I eat processed food I can only have very very small amounts (or- it feels small to me)..

Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment! I really appreciate it!

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