Wednesday, 8 August 2012

2 days in... 1200 calories

Howdy all,

It's now day three of my 1200 calorie plan. I am using the My Fitness Pal iPhone app to track my food and I am actually struggling quite a lot. It's amazing what tracking can do for your awareness of what you put in your mouth.

Day one was fine- I stuck within the 1200 calories. Yesterday was not so great. I really got hungry in  the afternoon and I found myself nibbling at this and that throughout the day. When I logged it all in I was up to 1500 calories! Which in itself is not a disaster because at the weight I currently am, I should still have a loss- a smaller one, but a loss just the same.

Today I have had breakky and lunch and only have about 300 calories left. We have a communal meal tonight so I am not sure what will be served. I figure if I just have a little bit I should be ok. If it's a crazily calorie-laden meal (which I highly doubt) I'll wait until I get home and have some veggie soup.

I think I might need to make a bit of a plan for myself so I am not running out of calories so easily! I might dig out some of my 12wbt meal plans from last year as the food was amazingly good and I really wasn't feeling hungry at all.

All up though, I feel like my head is in the game but I don't feel a huge sense of pressure. I think that's because I am just doing this for me so the pressure is kind of off.

Hope you're having a nice day!


And here's a reward for reading this... you get to see my cute boy and his Iggle Piggle.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ash, i have never really read a blog before and just stumble across yours as i sit on the couch 10week post my first baby and also 2 days into 1200 calories, (welli have cheated each day and vow to start fresh tomorrow!) But everything you said is so true and your 9 points, i have PCOS as well so like you I know what to do i just need to do it! Ill definitely keep reading your blog and try to be true to myself

philippa_moore said...

It's amazing how quickly it all adds up isn't it?! Like I said in my last comment, I counted for a week or two last month out of curiosity and was astonished! Snacks were the killer. The Bliss Balls I've been making & having for the last few months were quite high in calories - about 150 per ball, and if you have 3 of them....hmmm!! I've since switched to rice cakes and it's made a difference - the balls are now pre run fuel only!!

I think what it also reminded me of was the importance of planning ahead. I remember in our WW days we used to have the bare bones of the day, food wise, planned out - I knew what I was going to have for dinner and usually lunch each day, so everything else could fit in around that. Good to be reminded of these things!

And it's wonderful to hear that you're doing this for you and you don't feel any pressure - that's brilliant. You deserve to feel happy and healthy! xxxx

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