Sunday, 19 May 2013

Little changes make all the difference

This week I have tweaked my routine a little bit.. and I mean a really little bit- I have still been very busy and pretty stressed out juggling sick kids and not being able to find enough reliable child care for the little fella. But there have been a few great things big and small and I am determined to focus on those good things and be grateful for them. 

One little change I've made is that I have made time thrice (yes.. I'm using the word thrice!) this week to go for a walk. Once around the streets of Footscray where I noticed this beautiful rose. Set on the background of dark gloomy clouds I actually thought about a comparison my friend Mayra made the other day between roses in Footscray and our beautiful, messy, wonderful, awful community. There is so much beauty in the midst of chaos and at times, ugliness. The other two walks were at a local park and down at Point Lonsdale. Both gorgeous places to walk.

On Tuesday I took time to stop and marvel at the amazing tropical fish at the aquarium at the Royal Children's Hospital. We noticed that all the fishies barrack for the Tigers. I pass this tank most weeks but rarely stop and enjoy it. It's such a lovely addition to the hospital.

On Wednesday and Thursday nights I made time to crochet. An activity that gives me so much. Relaxation, mental stimulation, creative thoughts, connection with others. This orange square has been posted off to Pip Lincolne to sew together with squares from others to make a blanket for the little boy in Ipswich who lost his hands after being thrown a "golf ball" that was actually a small home made bomb. So awful. :(

I also taught myself how to make these great (and very quick) hexagons using a pattern also created by Pip Lincolne. I think I'll make them into a cushion. I am very inspired by Pip and her hard, yet joyfully creative and generous work. Big virtual hugs and kisses to you Pip! 

I decided to work half a day from home on Thursday this week. It was lovely to dag around in my big fat tracky pants and slippers and still be productive and hang out with the wee man. 

Mum picked the little guy up on Thursday night. He stayed with her on Friday and had a delightful time playing on the beach and being spoilt. After work on Friday I picked up the biggest girl and we stayed the night at mum's so we could get up early and walk on the beach. Here's a picture of A being a conservationist and saving turtles and seals by collecting old fishing line from the pier and disposing of it properly. 

Here's me enjoying being freezing on the pier. I love the cooler weather so much.

We didn't spend the whole day down at the beach as A needed to be back for a show she had tickets for. John took the whole gang and I had the house to myself for the afternoon so I could meet with Mayra and we could do some work on our exciting new venture! A vintage Etsy shop! 

We have been scouring opp shops for treasures and we have quite the stash now. We are at the photographing stage and we plan to launch in 2-3 weeks. Stay tuned for more info soon!! 

I don't have a photo of anything from my night last night but the highlight of my week was going out for delicious dosa, coffee and cheesecake with Mezz and chatting away the evening. It's something that we haven't done for such a long time- life has kind of got in the way, but we definitely intend to go on more Ash and Mezz dates! We see each other several times a week but it always involves kids, spouses and other community friends so going out just the two of us was a very uncommon treat. Thanks Mezz, it was totally lovely and life giving xxxoo..

This morning I had a bit of a lie in and enjoyed an impromptu concert from these sweeties.

And then we spent the day doing a long overdue "spring" (autumn) clean of our bedroom and the back craft room/study.  I can't tell you how much better I feel for doing this job. My favourite place in the house is now the cupboard in the craft room. 

Here's the organised cupboard. This space has been a constant stress with boxes, paper, tangled wool and scraps of fabric.. now it is the epitome of loveliness.. and the children have to ask to go in there! Lol.

And my creative space.. Ahhhhhh....

Isn't it amazing how cleaning and organising a space can make you feel physically better? Do you have any spaces you need to organise? Have you recently de-cluttered?? Why not share your tips below?



Mezz said...

Lovely inspired!did u realise that nearly all the changes in ur week were about stopping, slowing down, savouring moments.i think its in those moments that we can truly let go of our stress and tension, and bring us deep peace and joy. im so in awe of how u manage ur life without going crazy and i cant wait for our next date, we wld really make a great couple me thinks!

Max said...

going for a walk always sorts out stuff for me-either by giving me a bit of exercise, or a bit of head space and peace and quiet to think; and i bet tea and cakes with mezz would do the trick too-she comes across as a great lass.
looking forward to having an explore here :0)

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