Thursday, 4 July 2013

Let me tell you about my Nan

Taking the lead of Pip from meet me at mikes, I'm going to tell you a little about my nan..

Beryl is her name.. She's always hated being called Beryl and has gone through phases of wanting to change her name.. Angela was one she liked. 

She's funny like that. 

In fact she's just funny in general. Loves a laugh and to debate. She finds it frustrating when people have strong opinions about things without having a reason and loves to hear what I think as long as I am willing to justify why. We have had our disagreements but what I love about my nan is that she adores me no matter what. And I adore her. 

She's full of old fashioned sayings like "Just let me get my hat 'n pants on", meaning "Let me get ready to go" and "We'll, this isn't buying the baby a new dress!" Meaning "we're not being very productive are we?" And "goodness gracious groceries".. I find myself saying them often. We chat like peers.

She goes through phases of having crushes on good looking fellas on TV.. Like the boys from  Il Divo. And spends most of her time playing on her iPad.. She and pop upgrade whenever a new version comes out. She doesn't get out much. In fact, I think it frightens her a bit these days as her mobility is quite limited and she is scared she'll fall. But the iPad really keeps her connected. I love it. Even though she harasses me to play my Words with Friends turn. I like to keep her keen. 

We spent most afternoons and many many sick days off school at nan & pop's place and we were spoilt rotten with lots of love and kisses (and choc wedges). Every afternoon after kinder nan would pick us up in her gold Mazda 626 and she'd take us to Chaddy (a big shopping centre to the south east of Melbourne city) for warm double chocolate muffins (with two butters). She'd always let us eat her cappuccino froth. 

Her love and affection has extended very naturally to my children- and she loves our foster daughter just as much as she loves the two that came out of my body. 

There's so much more to say but I'll leave you with a few lovely pictures instead. 

Nan & I circa 1990

My adorbs little brother Dave around the same time as the last pic 

Nan & I last year.. She was upset with us for taking it as she hadn't "arranged her face".. I think her face is fine.

A typical scene at Nan's these days..

Tell us about your nan! Go visit Pip at Meet Me At Mikes to read about Pip's nan.



pip lincolne said...

I like her face too! She sounds really lovely, your Beryl. I'm really impressed she's iPad savvy. So important to keep up with the times!

Mezz said...

lovely! cant wait to write a nana post xxx

Sharon Newth said...

Gorgeous. Your Nan sounds funny. Love the ipad picture.

Laura {ohhhhlaura} said...

I think I love your nan!

Just found you through Nuffnang, off to find you on facebook too so I can keep stalking ;)

Anonymous said...

She sounds fabulous. Choc wedges were a fav at my nan's place too.

Anonymous said...

"This isn't buying the baby a dress..." that was one of my Nanna's catchphrases as well! 5 years since she has passed on and she still makes me laugh and cry on a regular basis. Beth Locke x

Elsie and Joan said...

What a gorgeous Nan. She sounds so great! Lovely post. Belinda x

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