Saturday, 27 July 2013

Winter upcycling challenge for charity : It's a thing!

Hello dears,

I had an idea.. Seeing as there are quite a few of you crafty people around these parts I thought we could perhaps try and do a good thing with our great skills and creativity!

It's pretty cold in Melbourne right now so this challenge is inspired by trying to keep warm!

Here's the challenge outline:
Make an item that helps you keep warm

It must be made from mostly upcycled/reclaimed materials

It will be auctioned on my blog and the proceeds will be donated to Green Collect (*see below for details)

I will choose a random contributor to win a great prize (details TBA at a later date)

Submissions will be accepted until August 31st 2013

Please email me at gomumma(at)gmail(dot)com if you would like to be involved!

I would love you to get involved and for you to share this with your crafty friends. I don't have a massive pool of crafty readers so please tell your friends and share on your social media pages if you think you know people who might want to show off their skills and raise money for a great charity!

Lovely upcycled products made and sold by Green Collect

*I work for a really ace charity organisation called Green Collect. Here is a little bit of info about what we do..

Green Collect is a not for profit social enterprise that works for sustainable social & environmental change.
Our mission is to build inclusive workplaces that create sustainable change in the world.
Through the business of resource recovery, Green Collect has created supportive and flexible workplaces that allow people to gain and maintain work through some of life’s most difficult circumstances. We work together with refugee communities and people who have experienced homelessness in workplaces where all are welcome.
Collection Services
Green Collect picks up a wide range of items from offices and diverts them from landfill so they can be reused, remade (upcycled) or recycled.

Upcycled Products
Green Collect's Upcycled Products are cleverly designed to utilise materials sourced through our Collection Service and give discarded items another life. 

Green Collective Retail Shops
Green Collect shops in Brunswick, Yarraville & Dandenong stock things that are good for you and good for the earth. We've collected a range of products from around the world with great stories including our own Upcycled Products.



Mezz said...

im excited! just added a link on my blog. loved hanging out again today, miss. looking forward to a time when we can just have non deep and silly conversations again, but also enjoying that we can support each other in this way at the mo xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

What a lovely idea. Love Green Collect. If only I had time to make something. I've shared it on facebook instead. Hope it goes really well.

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