Wednesday, 17 October 2012

What I learned from the ProBlogger event... that I didn't attend

For those of you who follow me on Twitter (if you don't, you can by clicking here!) you may be painfully aware that I totally crashed the ProBlogger event conversation! That little #pbevent hashtag made me very excited!

I am really sad that I hadn't budgeted to go this year and that a virtual pass is currently out of my financial reach.. however the wonderful thing about bloggers is that there was a plethora of information spilling forth from the conference via Twitter. For those two days I lived vicariously through those bloggers. The tweets, the photos, the hairstyles, boots, nails, bags, food... all of it.. I lapped it up!!

Just following along with the #pbevent tweets was enough to rekindle my desire to blog and blog well. I want to make Go Mumma awesome. One of the pieces of advice that came through- and I sheepishly can't remember who said it.. it might have been @_sarahwilson_ - was to look at what questions people ask you because that is what people think you know about and what they expect to hear from you.

That got me thinking... what do people expect to hear from me?? What do people ask me about? I pretty much just blog about my life however there are two distinct areas that have emerged over the years.. pregnancy and health & fitness.  Now- at this stage I have no more baby plans so that pretty much leaves me with a blog about good health. And I DO get asked lots of questions about how to feel good and treat the body with respect.

And I actually DO know a lot about this area.. I live it every day.. I know healthy weight loss and I know fitness (don't tell anybody but I almost finished a PT course and intend to go on to study exercise science at some stage when I don't have a million other things to do) So I have made a decision to take this blog back to where I first began... to where my passion and knowledge intersect.

I am a health and fitness blogger..

And an awesome side note?? My boss told me I could probably use the next PBevent as professional development and have it paid for by work as I am the "social media" person for our team.. Yayzers!!


Jackie-Ohhhh said...

Awesome! Looking forward to seeing the new direction of your blog!

Anne Downing said...

Congrates on becoming a PT, I finished the course last year. I got into uni to become a PE teacher and I regret not doing it!

Ashwee said...

Hi Jackie-Ohhhh and Anne Downing! Thanks for popping in to say hi.. Anne- I wrote that I almost finished a PT course. This is something that I'm embarrassed about- I didn't finish due to feeling like a bit of a fraud.. It was very silly really but I've come a long way since then (Hey, there may be a post in that!!). I love the science of fitness and body mechanics so I intend to peruse further studies in this area when my life is not as hectic as it is now!

Nikki @ Styling You said...

This is brilliant - good on you for jumping on the Twitter feed and learning!

Ashwee said...

Thanks Nikki! I'm looking forward to becoming a much better blogger!! :)

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