Sunday, 9 January 2011

Where are you?

It sure is quiet around these parts!

"Hello?!" *echo...echo...*

Apparently there are 31 of you who follow this blog..

I can see you over there on the left... *wave*

Now look to the right sidebar....

Be a DEER...


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Alisha said...

I'm going to do as I'm told because I don't think I've commented on your new blog! You're looking fabulous, relaxed and content. I'm excited to hear all about your pregnancy and birth story... best of luck to you! Alisha

Ashwee said...

Well hi there! :-D

Thanks for stopping to say hi!


green ink said...

I am a lurker from way back ;) ha ha! Love you xxxx

Ashwee said...

Oh hello lurker!! Lovely to see you! ;-P

Missing you more the closer we get to meeting this babe..


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