Monday, 20 February 2012

Day one of the rest of my life... That could the title of every post!

After just two full days of good food, lots of water and one workout I am already feeling more balanced and hopeful about my health, fitness and mental health.

I just got home from an energising workout and I am planning a pretty early night so I can do it all again tomorrow.

Out of interest I weighed myself this morning after a super clean day yesterday and had gone from 90.7kg to 89.5kg. So that's encouraging!

Please indulge me while I share my food diary (this is more for me than anything.. Public food diaries really keep me honest. Skip it if it bores you)

B. fresh juice- celery, cucumber, beetroot, apple, ginger, carrot

S. skim latte

L. Small Sumo Salad- 1/2 miso chicken, 1/2 leafy beetroot & pumpkin

S. 1 slice bread w/strawberry jam

D. Grilled Moroccan chicken with 2 baby potatoes, broccoli & grilled zucchini. 10 grapes.

Exercise- weights & elliptical- 1 hour

Pics: Me in a pretty dress yesterday & my sweaty post-workout face!


philippa_moore said...

That's such a pretty dress. You're so gorgeous :)

Great work over the last couple of days - keep it up!


cranky said...

Welcome back to blogging, friend! Looking forward to reading your progress...

Belinda x

cranky said...

And Ash, you and I have the same goal the early 70's. I have 20kg to go, but keep reminding myself I've already lost 20! :D

Ashwee said...

You rock Belinda! 20kgs is amazing!

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