Saturday, 18 February 2012

Granny Square Slippers!

You want them right? 

I would if I were you.

They belong to my dear friend Philippa aka Skinny Latte and I made them for her in two evenings!

The pattern came from Purl Bee and is extremely easy to follow.

If you are not a crocheter I would be happy to make you some. Message me or email me at if you would like to purchase a pair.


another *** diet girl said...

i LOVE these slippers - they are gorgeous! i found your blog through phillipa @ skinny latte and although i'm not a mum (or likely to be one anytime soon) i had to follow up on her recommendation and check you out seeing as i enjoy her blog so much :)
i would definitely be interested in purchasing some of these slippers (possibly a few pairs for gifts - if you can post to Europe?!?) but ca't find your email ...?

another *** diet girl said...

whoops! now i see you added you email right in the post - silly me! i'll email you now ;)

philippa_moore said...

I love my slippers. I wore them all day today, actually! So comfy and warm. I'm taking good care of them :) xxxx

Ashwee said...

Another *** diet girl: I am more than happy to whip up a few pairs for you! I will email you.

Mezz said...


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