Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Little Things Splendid

Hey all,

Thanks for the overwhelming support in response to my last post. A few of you commented on the post which is lovely! But the thing that really took me by surprise was the number of emails and Facebook PMs I received saying things like "I'm a binge eater too!", "I have struggled with this too and here's what helped me" and "Thank you for making this very taboo issue public". I really feel so much support from you crazy internet cats. I have so much love for you guys.... no really.. I do.

I'm doing ok. I am on the waiting list to see a brain de-muddler (a psychologist) and have been back to my GP to get my pathology results. All were fine.. I even had ok vitamin D which is apparently quite a feat in Melbourne- especially if you work inside as much as I do.

Anyway. I was talking to one of my most special friends today Philippa about how having things to look forward to really makes it easier to get through the hard slog times and so I thought it might be a good time to tell you all about an exciting thing that is going to happen soon!

My lovely friend Mayra and I are launching a little Etsy shop called Little Things Splendid.. see our brief bio below;

Little Things Splendid is owned and run by Melbourne duo Ash and Mayra and was born out of a passion for all things cute, vintage, kitsch, hand made, splendid and delightful. In their "spare time" they scour Victoria's op-shops, flea markets, fetes, garage and jumble sales to bring only the loveliest to Little Things Splendid. They do the leg-work and scrounging so you don't have to.
If all goes to plan we will launch on June 14th. If you are a vintage lover you'll love our shop. We plan to keep the prices very reasonable and will ship internationally for you folks across the seas.

Our address will be but it's not open yet! Stay tuned!!


ButterandBuntings said...

How very brave and exciting for the two of you!

Nicole (Make Sew Bake Grow) said...

Hey Ash :)
I really would love the ice cube tray.... was wondering if I bought it, if you pass to B & M until we come over or Nath's folks come over here? Sorry to be stingy, things are tight.
Let me know.

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