Sunday, 26 December 2010

31 weeks

I am SO over working!

It's boxing day and I am sitting here in the office feeling very "blah" and wondering how on earth I am going to get through the next 9 (or so) weeks until this baby is born. I predict feeling a little more peaceful once I am on leave (my last day is January 15th- bring it on!). I already feel as big as a house and am having a little trouble today in finding the inner "goddess". I know she's there somewhere, I see her in just about every other pregnant woman. I just feel so damned disabled, sore and awkward! I am sure I felt like this last time but have probably blocked it out.

I have been getting a lot of braxton hicks contractions (John likes to call them Toni Braxton hicks). I don't think I had this many last time. I am getting them all day. The baby moving, getting in and out of the car, going over speed bumps, turning over in bed.... all these things cause them to happen and they are quite uncomfortable at times. I hear of women who don't even notice them happening but these cannot be ignored. They only last 10 -15 seconds and aren't painful. They just take my breath away. I am trying to view them as getting my body ready to come into labour spontaneously at the right time. Hopefully the "right time" is not past 42 weeks as I am so uncomfortable already and the thought of another 10-12 weeks is just completely depressing to think about. Having said that, this little one will come when he/she is ready and I will not be rushing the process due to my own discomfort.. just let me have a whinge. I think cutting caffeine and increasing water should help calm these BH contractions. 

I am seeing my midwife on Tuesday and I am interested to see what position she thinks the baby is in. I get most of my bigger kicks in the upper right area of my abdomen but sometimes around the front so I think that s/he is head down and flipping from a posterior to an anterior position with it's back mostly on the left. From my own poking and prodding, the head is still totally mobile above my pubic bone and occasionally moves near my right hip bone.  

My nutrition has been a bit all over the place with lots of Christmas treats! Although yesterday I didn't actually go overboard at lunch and dinner as I am quickly running out of stomach space and I fill up quickly. Lunch was a yummy mix of roast turkey, ham and mum's regular spread of delicious salads and of course a fab pudding. We had dinner with John's family and I pretty much had a plate of roast parsnip, carrot, sweet potato and green beans. I could not manage any more meat but did have another small serving of pudding afterwards. As the night wore on I just couldn't get comfortable in any position. There was seriously not one chair in the house that I could sit on. It was a lovely but very busy day with a lot of driving and talking and pressies and food. I think my body was just craving home. Once I lay down in my comfy bed I was out like a light and didn't wake till 7:30.

 This week I am sticking to fruit, veggies, meat, fish, rice, oats, yoghurt and water. I am starting to drink a cup a day of red raspberry leaf tea with a little nettle and peppermint as I have been feeling flat and like I am low in iron. The RRL tea may also help with the BHs. I take a pregnancy multi and have started taking iron too.

Tomorrow is Molly's 4th birthday party and I have asked everyone to bring a plate as I seriously do not have the energy to prepare party food (I am making a cake though) and I assume most people have Christmas leftovers they can bring. We are going to the local playground and I have organised a couple of games- the actual facilitation of said games will most likely be delegated to John. I hope the weather holds out and we don't end up needing to go back to our house.

Anyway.. enough whining from me. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas or festivus or whatever you celebrate- if you celebrate... ugh! I'm tiring myself out!

Here is me at 31 weeks.. tired and bloated and needing water and good food!

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Kat said...

You look lovely Ash, Even though you are feeling bleurgh! I hope Molly has a lovely birthday tomorrow and that the weather is perfect :o)

Ashwee said...

Thanks for commenting Kat.. I hope you're well.. go update your blog! ;)

Can you tweet me when you update coz my reader isn't telling me when you do.

Anonymous said...

I want to make your cookies and rub your belly for luck! I need it!!!!!!!!!!!

Kasey from Twitter

Danielle said...

I totally agree. You look amazing xxx I so know how you feel, your at that point where you just want IT to be over. You'll get there not long now jan 15th is not far away.

I had allot of braxton hicks this time around too and nothing with the others. I hope your able to relax soon and find that inner goddess!!

Ashwee said...

I just found out my mama is on annual leave until Jan 10th and I'll get to hang with her during some of the weekdays. This will make my few weeks till mat leave go a bit faster.. Yay!

skinny latte said...

You look like a goddess to me :)

Wish I was there for cuddles and foot rubs and tea and anything else you might need xxxxx

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