Sunday, 26 December 2010

More wisdom from Gloria Lemay via Ilithia Inspired

Here is a post I just read which hit the nail on the head with how I am feeling about this birth. Sazz posted recently about the need to live in the present and not think too much about the past or what is to come. To allow the body and mind to just experience what is happening right NOW and take that same philosophy into the birth.

I have been living with fear that this baby will end up having a similar birth to Molly (induced labour, epidural, on my back, forceps, episiotomy, respiratory distress, special care, breastfeeding challenges etc etc etc) and I have been having trouble letting go of that fear and just living each day knowing that this baby will have the birth it deserves, in it's own time if I can just trust that my body will work and everything will be ok. I trust birth.

When I feel this fear I am going to use this as a mantra of sorts... I trust birth.. I trust my body.. I am doing all I can to ensure this babe gets the best birth possible.

Sazz posted a recap of Gloria Lemay's talk on this issue... Please go read it here if you are interested.. It's about goats and birth so it's definitely worth a read! :)

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