Thursday, 23 December 2010

Money money money

I am hoping it will be fine  however I am beginning to have a little anxiety around how we are going to manage financially next year.

I have 10 weeks paid maternity leave from my work which I am taking at half pay over 20 weeks beginning in 4 weeks! (yikes!) So this will mean an increase in Centrelink payments (I hope). Then the 18 weeks of paid parental leave will start. And after that, we will be 100% reliant on Centrelink until I return to work in January 2012.

This freaks me out.

I know people do it all the time.. just, usually not US!

So.. the frugality will continue.. which is the way we want it anyway however it's nice to choose it rather than being forced into it.

The other thing is, out lovely housemate will be moving out mid next year as she is getting married so we are praying for the right person to come and take her place in our home. It really needs to be the RIGHT fit for our family. If you know of anyone wanting to live close to Melbourne city and who would like to join our somewhat chaotic household, please let us know!

If we don't find anyone we will have to move.. and probably to a teeny-tiny apartment. Which would not be ideal!

Anyway.. enough complaining... it's nearly Christmas!

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