Sunday, 13 May 2012

Have you ever had a bad dental experience??

The last few days have been agony! The tooth that I recently had the first stage of root canal on started hurting on Wednesday. It was just a little sharp pain when I bit down to begin with but over the last few days it has just been getting worse and worse. Last night I tried to eat some rice and yummy beef stew that John had lovingly made as a prelude to mother's day and I happened to bite the tooth down on a tiny piece of rice which just about made me cry. I nearly screamed it hurt so much!

I tried to get into the dental hospital last night after work but I forgot the concession card and the receptionist informed me that I would need to come in the morning as they were only taking accidents and injuries.

So I went back today and waited over an hour to be told that it was an infection and my dentist should have completed the next stage of the procedure when I saw him two weeks ago. If he had have done the work then, it wouldn't have become infected. So I'm pretty annoyed. I pay good money... a lot of it.. to have a professional do the right thing by me and when that doesn't happen it makes me really cross.

Have you ever had an experience like this? If so, what did you do about it? Should I complain? Find a new dentist? Ugh.. It's just so frustrating!


Foxyboxy said...

No I havent.... Yet. Having said that I need some work done but am terrified. Not just the pain but the $$$ :/

Pierre Cardan said...

I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been through. Experiencing toothache is never easy. Well, if you can’t get an appointment with your dentist, it’ll be best to seek an alternative. Better have a plan B in store. How’s your tooth by the way? I hope everything’s alright now. ;)

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