Sunday, 20 May 2012

On being "let go"... I could really use your support.

Before I start this post I would like to show you my new cute jacket. I need to think about this nice thing... because I just lost my job.

This morning I rocked up to my office, turned on the computer, checked my emails and followed my usual morning work routine. My colleague rolled up soon after me and right after that there was a knock at the door. Our program manager and the general manager of mental health were there... to give us both 4 weeks notice. 

Apparently the structure of our program has been changed and weekend workers are no longer required.

So here I am... at home.. on the weekend.

It's kind of nice actually. 

If I wasn't the sole bread winner for my family I might be able to enjoy it. But I am. I am supporting this family of 5 right now and I no longer have this job. John finishes his course mid next year (a full time primary education course) so I really need to find more work ASAP. I have been offered a redundancy package so I have a few weeks to find something.

Is it time for a change? Do I use my social work degree in another position? Will I find something that fits our family situation? Do I want to pursue a more creative way of making money? Do I want to work full time hours? Maybe just for a year... I really need to take some time to think. 

I'm sure things will be fine. I really am... but times of un-expected change are very disconcerting.

I could really use some support. Please let me know if you have ever been let go. How was it for you? How did you get past it? Do you have any pearls of wisdom for me? 

I am choosing to believe this is a good thing. A welcome change in direction. An opportunity. But your ideas and prayers would be welcome!


Secret Agent Awesome! said...

Beautiful Ash,
I think that at times like this it's easy to say "as one door closes......." but I know that for me when I look back at my career I can see that things were meant to be. I recently came off 3 years of professional bliss. I'm sure I'm getting ready for the next part.......and I know you will be toooooooooooo.

Question: If money were no object - what would you do with your life?

Ashwee said...

Great question! I'll have a think about it and write another post. Thanks for your constant support on Twitter. I really don't take it for granted. xxoo

Taz said...

Ash, ive never been let go from a job, so cannot know the full extent of what your feeling and perhaps worrying about, but we definatly know what suprises feel like. We know what uncomfortable changes and news feels like, and all we do to cope is try to find positives, because they are always there is you want them to be! Was only recently you werent sure on if you wanted to do this job anyway, so in the future, you ay look back and see this as a blessing. Of course, when money is involved and food, bills, living is all of a sudden something your worried about, thats when you pray, you remember your family and friends who will very happily have you for dinner, very happily support and encourage your changes! And if it helps, we have only recently had money things come up that we to, HAVE to deal with and it means saying goodbye to a good savings account and feeling comfortable, but what can you do! Im glad that I have family to do this with and you can be too! Anyway, none of this probably makes sense, but you get my vibe im sure! xx

Ashwee said...

Thanks for replying Taz. I know you have faced many challenges and always face them with such a great spirit. I think having an inner knowing that things happen for a reason is something so important in these situations. Your comment made perfect sense. And you're right about me wanting to leave anyway... I did want to leave but wasn't simply because of the money.

It does stress me out & I can't pretend it doesn't. But I definitely know it's for the best.

philippa_moore said...

Oh honey. I really do feel for you. I have been in this situation too and I know how awful it is. It's such a knock to the ego. Even if you would have eventually left anyway, no one wants to go that way. I hope once the initial shock, panic and sadness dissipates that you will be able to make some positive, exciting decisions about the future. You have a strong, supportive family unit and I know that whatever challenges are ahead you guys will get through it. When you come out the other side of something like this you feel like you can take on pretty much anything.

As crap as it is, I know you will eventually look back on this time and see that it was the start of something really good. Everyone I know who this has happened to has said that it ended up being a very positive thing for them. I know for myself that being made redundant was the best thing that's ever happened to me. The sacrifices I've had to make have been well worth it and I am so much happier!!

The Universe clearly wants you to be doing something else, look at it that way. It will all work out, I know it will.

I am always here for you so please, let's Skype or email or chat or something - any time!

All my love and hugs xoxox

Cinders said...

Hey Ash, that's terrible news for you.

I think you should do what makes life easiest for you. I dont think there is such a thing as 'doing what makes you happy' I mean, I'd like to sit on the couch all day but being broke wouldn't make me happy, right?

Good luck, I'm not sure if there is anything I can do for you but yell out if need be :)

Ashwee said...

Sitting on the couch doing nothing is not what makes me happy. I would find that completely unfulfilling. No, pursuing a creative life, for me, actually means being a whole lot busier that I am now.

I am pretty sure I'll need to get a job to pay for stuff but this is a welcome reminder of who I want to be and the fact that sometimes I need to sacrifice time and money to be happy. Working purely for money doesn't make me happy. I've tried that a few times. I think I will be starting a little online business to run as well as working in a job that pays me enough.

Cinders said...

You're very crafty and talented so like many, I look forward to seeing what you come up with.. now come back to fb!!

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