Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Product talk: Yumbums All Natural Bottom Balm For Bubs

Product talk by Nuffnang

The wee man and I both have persistent skin issues. I have suffered with eczema since I started breastfeeding Molly (which makes me think it's probably a hormonal issue) and have tried many many different topical solutions. Richie has had bad nappy rash and has also suffered with sore and itchy eczema on different parts of his body. It is for this reason that I jumped on the opportunity to review Yumbums All Natural Bottom Balm For Bubs as I had heard it was a naturopathic alternative to conventional chemical-laden bum salves.

The eczema on my right hand has been giving me grief recently so as soon as I picked this balm up from the post office I slathered it all over. The first thing I noticed was the earthy unprocessed colour and texture. The olive & coconut oil base helped the balm to melt into the skin and it absorbed just enough to leave a protective barrier over my hand which I assume is due to the beeswax. The smell, once again is quite earthy- it smells "naturopathic" if that means anything to you. I'm pretty sure it's the golden seal that gives it a somewhat sharp scent. The balm was very soothing on my hand and the redness/soreness has subsided significantly. I will continue to use this and report any further improvement.

Richie's nappy area seems to like the balm too! It seems to be keeping his nappy rash at bay and I feel great knowing that I am putting something natural and lovingly crafted by a Naturopath on his little bot-bot.

If you would like to get your hands on this lovely product head over to http://www.yumbums.com.au/ and purchase a pot for $18.50.

A few more things about Yumbums:

  • Contains only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients
  • Formulated by a qualified naturopath, Gali Lenko.
  • Contains no petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrances
  • Australian made and owned

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