Saturday, 5 May 2012

New blogs and roo stew

We've had a lovely day today. A slow morning in PJs. Poached eggs, espresso made by John, quiet lolling about and a visit from my Aunty who dropped off a desk for Miss 10 (who was totally stoked and immediately started planning which books would go where). We then all jumped in the car and drove across town to leafy Blackburn where we spent the afternoon eating quiche and drinking tea with John's parents. After a lovely email from my mother in law during the week detailing the delicious treats she had been baking, John and I suggested she start a blog. So I sat down for a few minutes and set one up for her!

If you would like to go and sample some of Joy's treats, head over to The nosey cook's cosy nook!

After our lovely visit in Blackburn the gang once again bundled ourselves into the Camry and made our way back up the Eastern Freeway towards Footscray. We made it just in time to do a quick whip around clean-up before our friends came for dinner. Our lovely friends turned up at the door at 6pm holding a slow cooker filled with kangaroo stew and an accompanying pot of cooked rice so our evening could not have been easier and we spent several hours sitting around, sharing delicious food and drinks and chatting. Together we browsed some of our favourite YouTube clips and web sites and shared our current giggles such as Portlandia, Cake Wrecks and Ron Burgundy's recent appearance on Conan announcing the Anchorman Sequal (!!). What a pleasant way to spend a Saturday evening.

PS. John-Boy (aka The Holy Boot) and I are starting a "together blog" called A Footscray Garden documenting our progress in creating a little urban farm in our back yard and I assume other bits and pieces that we think you'll enjoy reading about so why not head over and say hi!

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nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

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