Monday, 1 November 2010

23 weeks.. a few noteworthy things

Seeing as this is meant to be a record of my pregnancy I thought I'd better write about when I first felt belly babe move.

I'd say "quickening" officially happened at about 16 weeks although I am pretty sure I felt something as early as 12. I can't be sure of course but it felt different to a gassy tummy.

Now, at 23 weeks I feel babe every day and have noticed a pattern of sleep time and awake time. Early morning and late at night are the most active times with quite a few periods of movement during the day. I'm sure if I wasn't so busy I'd notice more and my movement probably rocks baby to sleep. At times I can almost grab bony little limbs that stick out.. It's quite odd really.

Babe has not settled into any position yet although more often than not I feel strong kicks low down on my right hand side. So I am assuming that s/he is head up with back on my left. I'm looking forward to feeling kicks higher up and noticing as the head settles down low (fingers crossed).

My belly actually somehow seems smaller this week. Probably due to bub's position shifting and also my level of exercise increasing a little. I will post a picture tomorrow when I am not in daggy PJs.

The other noteworthy thing is that my libido is absolutely rampant! I feel like a teenager again! Woo! Hubby is happy.. :)

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