Thursday, 11 November 2010

24 weeks (ish)

I am not sure how early I started feeling uncomfortable last time I was pregnant although I am pretty sure it wasn't until quite a bit later.

In the last few days I have started to feel really big and awkward. It's as if the baby has had a significant growth spurt and my centre of gravity and muscles have not been able to keep up!

I am going to get MUCH bigger between now and when this baby is born and I really hope there is some shift in how I feel. I have started taking liquid chlorophyll in the mornings to try and keep on top of my iron levels and to hopefully give me a little more get-up-and-go.

I have also set myself a challenge to dramatically reduce (I'm not saying cut-out as for me right now that is not practical) the amount of wheat and refined sugar in my diet in an attempt to ward off bloating and discomfort that tends to go along with me consuming a lot of wheat. I am two days in and am feeling less bloated already and enjoying looking for alternatives to my usual wheaty staples. Today, for example I started with muesli, extra seeds, skim milk and pear, then for morning tea I had a pear and some grapes. Lunch was half an avocado, some seeds and a few olives. For afternoon tea I munched on rice crackers with cheese and I am about to enjoy a chicken burrito and extra salad for dinner. The tortilla is the only wheat for the whole day so I am pretty pleased with my efforts.

I'd better go as the said burrito is ready and smelling great!!



Cinders said...

Hey Ash, I know everyone is different but pears make me really bloated and gassy (eeww!). Hope getting rid of the sugar and wheat helps.

Ashwee said...

I can do pears no worries.. :)

green ink said...

I miss rice crackers! Sa-ka-ta! ;)

Ashwee said...

Mmm. there are new vitaweat ones.. cheese and chives is my (salty) fave!

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