Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Making room for baby

Three posts in one night! I know, astounding!!

Just thought I'd mention our hard work re-arranging, cleaning and organising our bedroom in very early anticipation of welcoming another little sprocket into our clan.

We have decided to have a cot. Honestly, it will probably get more use for day sleeps as we have pretty flexible sleeping arrangements. I love co-sleeping for the safety, closeness and convenience but I also know there will be times for us where a cot is useful. Molly usually spends the start of the night in her bed but ends up coming in for a cuddle and staying for the rest of the night. I am interested in feedback from other co-sleeping families on how you have introduced a new baby to the family bed without making the older child feel they are not welcome. I know Molly can come in bed and lay with Daddy but she generally comes in to cuddle me and it is going to be a big adjustment for her. We have started a conversation about it and asked her to practice coming in on Daddy's side or at the very least climbing into the middle of the bed and hugging into my back.

Anyway, that's not the point of my post really.. but I'd love your feedback!

Here is the point of my post...

The crazy pile of stuff on John's side of the bed after we re-arranged the furniture...

A few more pics of the family hard at work...

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skinny latte said...

John's side looks like my side!! ;)

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