Monday, 8 November 2010

Ooh! 30% saved for the homebirth!

Every single time I see the % number change on that little icon over there ----> I get SO excited!

You see, I have never ever been a good saver... like.. ever ever!! And now that I have this goal in sight and that little gadget to do automatic transfers each fortnight I can see it coming together. I CAN save, I just need to have the motivation and the right tools to help me.

I am over 50% through my pregnancy so I am a little behind in my goal but I do have some back up money just incase we don't get there. I am assuming that we may (fingers crossed) get a couple of family donations which may top it up however I don't want to pin my hopes on it just in case that doesn't happen.

I have increased my fortnightly transfer amount to $180 and I have also been making random contributions when there is some spare money on my salary packaging card.

Fingers crossed we can get there without having to dip into our ever-dwindling savings...

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