Saturday, 6 November 2010

Feeling pretty rotten today...

I am at work.. truth be told, I should probably be at home however work is sometimes more relaxing than home. I am here on my own and there have been no clients on site all day. So I have been able to do some Christmas shopping and kind of chill.

John and Molly have both been sick.. with different things. John had a virus which has left him with really bad asthma for the first time in ages. Molly has an ear infection and has also had a gastro tummy bug (and fainted in my arms!).

I am not sure whats up with me. I feel heavy and lethargic and have had a yucky headache and nausea today..

Tomorrow is another day... Hopefully a good night's sleep will fix me.

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Kat said...

Im sorry to hear you are feeling bad :o( Maybe you are coming down with what John or Molly have? Hopefully not. Hope you feel better soon xx

p.s I wish I could live in Melbourne, it would be so very awesome to hang out with you :o)

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