Saturday, 23 October 2010

22 weeks and feeling massive!!

I've been feeling a little low today... I think it's tiredness mixed with a day alone in the office.. and the rain. 

I have just felt so BIG today.. I understand that I am only going to get bigger in the belly area (and probably elsewhere) and I need to just deal with it but today I really felt like I was stretching.. My belly felt so tight and I started thinking "if I feel like this now, how will I be feeling in another 18 or so weeks!!?".. I have done it before and I will do it again. I know my belly will grow to accommodate Baby X (Molly has taken to calling the baby this, it's very cute!) and I will work to regain my pre-pregnancy body when the time is right.

Tiredness and fluid retention... those are my two problems right now and both are easily fixable... sleep and water/clean eating- avoiding wheat, salt and processed foods. Sounds easy doesn't it?? Yeah, well it should be.

I've exercised 3 days this week.. which is 2 less than I would like but 3 more than none, so that's good right?? 


Food has been hit and miss.. all main meals are excellent but it's the in between stuff that trips me up..

Sorry for the down-in-the-dumps post...

I think I need to go to bed.



shae said...

Ah hugs-it's a rollercoaster! It's big work growing another person, don't forget that! Go gently with yourself Mama xoxo

Cate said...

You look gorgeous, even if you feel it today. Hope you feel better after a good nights sleep :o) xx

Ashwee said...

Thanks loves.. I do feel better. Amazing what a good night sleep will do for a girl.. And looking back at those photos today, I can see that I don't look as big as I felt yesterday. I am hoping that by increasing my exercise, spring being here and eating a bit better I will avoid having too many more days like yesterday.

Thanks for commenting- I really appreciate the conversation.


green ink said...

Glad you are feeling better my love - I think you look stunning, particularly in that last picture :) xx

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