Monday, 11 October 2010

Do you have info on foetal positioning??

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I am wondering if anyone can tell me when I should start putting effort into positioning this baby for a smooth transition from the womb?

I understand that sometimes baby will just get comfy and find a position that may not be the most optimal (ie. posterior, breech etc) however I want to do everything I can to TRY..

Any information would be much appreciated!!

There is a great deal of info HERE but nothing about when to begin...

I am guessing the answer is to start as soon as possible to get in good habits but if anyone has any more info please share!


Emily said... is awesome!!

Sazz said...

spinning babies is awesome, but it's also worth considering the hysteria around all things birth and pregnancy related. The thing is, babies move and get most of it done during labour, so even if your baby isn't in an "optimal" position, chances are she/he will take care of it during labour.

Something else to consider is that some babies are in "sub optimal positions" for a reason - eg position of placenta, length of cord etc. and that's just what that baby needs. The baby's position does not equal good or bad and does not ensure an easy or hard labour. Ultimately the best prep you can do is preparing yourself to surrender to whatever birth this baby needs (in my first's case it was a long, challenging, but intesnley rewarding posterior labour that happened at home, without medical professionals and was truly awesome. In a hospital I would've been c-sec'd because of my baby's position).

I'd go check out some of the threads on Joyous Birth about baby's positioning, there's great discussion on there :D

In the meantime the only position worth stressing about is how to get yourself comfy!

Ashwee said...

Thanks for your comment Sazz,

I appreciate your feedback and will definitely consider what you are saying. Blessings!


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